April 2016

How to get traffic

Internet has become an important market for SMEs. However, most do not know how to use this space to get leads. A limitation from Working Freelance seeks redress. To do this, they have developed a list of the keys that SMEs have to take into account for greater web traffic.

buy online

Many studies that reflect the influence of the Internet and new technologies in consumer buying habits. To the extent that we have discovered that already half of the customers prefer to buy online. Instead, the studies do not always show the reality, but that show trends that are not necessarily put in place. Such is the case of online shopping behavior. According to the latest global report reflects IBM Institute of Business Value

Marketing and Strategy

I have over ten years dedicating myself completely to the world of marketing, advertising and communication, and in this time I have done very heterogeneous work related to this field (public relations, events, promotion at point of sale, strategic plans …) for customers from various sectors: health, soft drinks, alcohol, technological? Despite the differences between each other, so you can always get in common is the evidence that customers who succeed

Corporate social responsibility

Gone is what Milton Friedman said in 1970: “the only social responsibility of business is to increase its profits”. Over the years it has been demonstrated to think about the common good and make money is perfectly compatible. The Corporate Social Responsibility programs are very useful for enhancing the value of the brand, one of the biggest intangible assets that have businesses in these times. This well know companies that are suffering under

Chinese e-commerce

China fails to leave behind the ghost of counterfeiting on what products it distributes are concerned. Although the e-commerce market in this country is remarkable and growing fast, its leaders have been unable to break away from this scourge, as demonstrated by a recent study published by the Chinese administration itself. Specifically, almost 40% of the products are distributed through e-commerce from China are fake. This emerges from a report by the

80% of companies

The marketing online winning the battle to traditional marketing. And it seems that war is decanted to the side of the first. This is what emerges from the intentions of business investment in the coming months, they recognize – in 80% of cases that will increase their budgets to implement online marketing strategies. According says a study published by the company Mondo, which has surveyed 262 executives B2C and B2B companies, the intention of the companies

Marketing industry

All industries have had to face many changes in recent years, marked by changes in many areas. Internet has changed everything and has made the practices of the past no longer able to be maintained in the present. The demands they face companies are different and much greater possibilities. The changes have affected all kinds of industries and how this revolution must face the world in the future has also been dragged

Invest in tourism

Video is a very compelling content to consumers, there’s no doubt. Numerous studies confirm that users choose to display a content rather than by reading a written text. However, what extent will influence this format strategies for brands and advertisers? And specifically, how it will do in regard to the tourism sector, one of the biggest beneficiaries of new technologies? According to a recent report by eMarketer consumption of digital video increases among travelers,


The advent of new technologies has led to a change in the way brands target consumers. However, these advances have also made an impression on the recipients of marketing strategies, and not weak or tenuously. This is what emerges from the latest report Mind share America’s Culture Vulture trend, detailing the ten most important changes that have occurred in the world of consumption.

Keys on competition

The development of electronic commerce is a fact and more and more consumers opt for this mode of purchase. In fact, online stores have clear guarantees, among them ease of access to products, fast service and, most importantly, the frequency with which they can update and fix the prices of their products and services, as well as promotions and discounts. A pace that can hardly cope with traditional businesses that are