How will it change the work in the marketing industry in the coming years?

Marketing industry

All industries have had to face many changes in recent years, marked by changes in many areas. Internet has changed everything and has made the practices of the past no longer able to be maintained in the present. The demands they face companies are different and much greater possibilities. The changes have affected all kinds of industries and how this revolution must face the world in the future has also been dragged marketing industry.

In fact, the members of the industry are convinced that in the immediate future will have to change to adapt to new challenges and new focus of attention. According to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Market, 81% of respondents (the panel was made up of marketing managers of companies on five continents) he is convinced that within the next three to five years will have to change the structure and areas design and marketing companies to meet the new needs that have to face companies and therefore require their marketing managers.

Marketing industry
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But, what they will now have to focus marketing departments? The study forecasts leave clearly see that the future will be, so to speak, more cross and make marketing areas have to work much more varied terrain and playing many more sticks. Marketers have to work so that their efforts are associated with greater income generation (69% believe that today it is a revenue generator element, but those who think they will in the immediate future are 79%), although that is not their only field.

The marketing area will have to take the complete management of the customer experience, making the how consumers and the image that they are being associated with it to be a marketing work and demonstrating the increasing importance being given is to the experience. Only 1 in 3 believes that job falls on them right now, but obviously these figures will change in the future.

In addition to assuming these two areas (or extend the weight they have), the marketing will also have to face the challenge of creating engagement in the digital field and improve their relationship with new technologies.

The remarkable thing is also that while interest in these areas and the impact that is given to possess qualities in them is growing, not so with the associated fields traditionally the area of marketing. Only 26% of respondents felt that attention should be increased to grant land and branding ad and only 16 to creative and graphics.

Future investments in the marketing industry

The interests are clear, but also the areas where marketers predict that spend more money. The largest investment in the marketing industry globally will be in the social marketing. 37% of respondents believe that there will be where most will expand what they will spend their budgets.

And if social heads, the second place goes to another area on which you can not say that their presence is a surprise. The mobile marketing will be the second in investment growth, and that 29% believe that there will have to increase the weight of investment. The third element of discord in which believe they will have to invest more analytical tools are: 25% believe that will increase its investment in analytical solutions for marketing.

But in addition to modifying their budgets and devote more attention to certain areas, marketers also believe that what is happening outside their field will have an increasing impact on their work and the challenges they face. Developments also affect them. According to the study, the internet of things, custom real-time and mobile transactions wearable are the changes they think will have a high impact on their work.

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