The 10 most important changes that are taking place among consumers today


The advent of new technologies has led to a change in the way brands target consumers. However, these advances have also made an impression on the recipients of marketing strategies, and not weak or tenuously. This is what emerges from the latest report Mind share America’s Culture Vulture trend, detailing the ten most important changes that have occurred in the world of consumption.

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1. Control

Consumers demand brands to be responsible for control tasks with regard to procurement processes. In fact, according to this analysis, four of ten respondents would like to see a company or business you trust help them simplify and improve your daily life through the control and improvement of these mechanisms. The figure is ten points higher than that recorded last year points.

2. More than one sense

The study also reveals that, in the further fragmentation of audiences, and with the aim of improving the attention of consumers, brands must choose to offer multi-sensory experiences, which increase the commitment of recipients and memorizing the content.

3. Privacy and the Internet

The extent and network penetration has meant that consumers are more confident when interacting in the digital environment will, therefore promoting equal relationships with people who are physically known to them as strangers. So every time they are interacting in the media and share information to strangers from their social networks.

4. About information

The study also recognizes that consumers are increasingly informed. In fact, three out of ten said read daily news, although half of these assures that lack of time only check out the headlines of the media.

5. Marketing as a game

More and more consumers who are digital natives, so they maintain a different behavior towards marketing than their predecessors. In fact, the study growth percentage of consumers who enter the game brands, hoping to change these strategies and thereby get discounts succulent follows.

6. Personalization

Desegregation of consumers is a fact. Ad recipients are increasingly demanding tailored to their specific needs products, so we are witnessing a user who demand personalized content, discarding those that do not conform exactly to what they seek.

7. Well-meaning

One of the most novel features of consumers is that currently they seek not only others contribute to good causes, but make them known through the network. Proof of this is the successful campaigns that have occurred recently in this regard, as the ice bucket challenge.

8. New Narratives

If the consumer has a different profile, as so far we have seen, this means that brands must reach it using new forms of communication. In this regard, the report notes that the presence of different narrative approaches are trend to capture the attention of consumers. Developing strategies style of the Lost movie or TV show The Affair are good proposals to achieve this goal.

9. Apathy towards logos

The study also argues that consumers are changing how and what they say about themselves through the products they buy. Therefore, there has been a significant decline in the tendency of these to opt for the big brands and are increasingly those who choose not to wear any logo.

10. The effects of eCommerce

The growth of electronic commerce has resulted in an increase in ways to buy that users experience. Thus, consumers opt not seem to mind both the credit card as more minor roads.

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