To what extent consumers are willing to actually buy online?

buy online

Many studies that reflect the influence of the Internet and new technologies in consumer buying habits. To the extent that we have discovered that already half of the customers prefer to buy online.

Instead, the studies do not always show the reality, but that show trends that are not necessarily put in place. Such is the case of online shopping behavior. According to the latest global report reflects IBM Institute of Business Value forum, consumers are more in favor of e-commerce in theory than in practice.

buy online
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If we look at the figures, we can see that 43% of consumers prefer to shop online, although only 29% and made his last purchase through internet.This is referred to overall results, which have taken part 110 thousand consumers from 19 countries.

One thing is what they say, and other behavior, the moment of truth. The study found significant differences in specific sectors. So when it comes to buying online youth clothing or decorative items for the home, the difference between consumers showed their preference for buying online, and those who finally did fall short by 20% (43% vs 26%).

Moreover, these differences between “that” and “fact” affect other actions related to their online behavior. Such is the case of your willingness to share your location via GPS with retailers. An action for which 42% was shown, while only 28% acknowledge put into practice. Moreover, 54% recognize the benefits of providing businesses their mobile number in order to receive personalized offers; which finally makes 42%.

As shown by the results of IBM, rather than provide information, customers would like to receive one that actually is useful for their purchasing decisions. Thus, 60% of participants in this study agreed that it is important to know whether the product in which you are interested is available in stock, 48% appreciated the personalized messages, when it is in the process of online search. Messages which would be equally useful in the physical store. Finally, consumers increasingly value promotions based on their purchase history (41% vs 36% in 2014).

Definitely customers feel a great attraction to the Internet and the advantages of new technologies. However, they can not help but feel some doubts before a world still very new, and constantly evolving. In order to gain their trust, and promote online shopping, retailers have in their hands the possibility of facilitating the process, deepen customer knowledge and take advantage of the online environment for the benefit of the customer experience.

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