5 Creative Ways for College Students to Make Money Online

5 Creative Ways for College Students to Make Money Online

College is expensive – add up the costs for classes, books, a place to stay, food and entertainment and you have yourself a hefty monthly bill. If you’re like most college students attending Vermont Law’s online llm, you need extra money. Thankfully, the Internet has made it a lot easier for students at any school to make some cash. If you have a computer and Internet access, then you too can start earning something on the side.

Here is a list of creative ways to start your online hustle.

  1. Create Your Own Channel On YouTube

Who said you have to own a fancy building downtown to have your own show? College students across the nation have their own YouTube channels – some successful and others, not so much. If you’re studying communications or film, then this is an excellent portfolio builder. You can make a show or series about whatever you want – college life, tips for high school students, dating chronicles or even entrepreneurship. Your channel doesn’t have to relate to your major either. Get creative with your ideas and see if any of your pals will help out. You can start off with your computer Web cam, then upgrade to a better quality one later on.

College Students to Make Money Online

  1. Sell Content to Stock Photo Sites

There are plenty of websites that sell stock photos, including istockphoto.com and shuttershock.com. These sites are always looking for new pictures, especially since there are millions of people looking for them for their own online and offline projects. Bloggers, marketers, eBook writers, business owners and Web developers are consistently looking for great stock photos, which puts your content in demand. If you have a good quality camera and an eye for photography, you can possibly earn an income on the side. Your photos don’t have to be off the wall either, just simple pics of college students having a conversation over coffee or even your dorm room. Just make sure you have release forms signed before publishing those with people in them.

  1. Publish Your Own eBook

Are you majoring in communications, English or Literature? Then you may be intrigued by the idea of writing and publishing your own eBook. Anyone with a great idea and something to say can do it. It doesn’t have to be a work of fiction, it can revolve around your philosophies of life, business or relationships. If you’re looking to go into a writing career, this is a great way to jumpstart it!

  1. Build Your Own Blog

Blogs are very popular, but only if they contain great content. If you have something you want to share with the world on a regular basis, then a blog is the perfect outlet. You can promote your posts on social media to help generate traffic early on.

  1. Design and Sell Cool T-Shirts

College kids are always looking for something fun and quirky to wear. Designing T-shirts can be fun and it’s not too hard on the pockets. Use the money from your first T-shirt sales to keep the business going. You can use sites like CafePress ad Zazzle to design your shirts.

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