October 2016


How to manage good leadership and promote team building: 8 attitudes that differentiate a simple head from a winning leader. In terms of leadership and team building, how to behave so that your staff maximize performance? Let’s find out right away with analyzing carefully the following points: 8 character traits of the winning owner, that will help us better understand what to do to put employees in a position to work at


What makes a brand name from being a heap to become one of the favorite brands of millennials? That is one of the issues of interest and concern to companies, which have not yet very clear how to connect with millennials and do not know what to do often to become the reference option for that market. Brands need to understand the millennials elusive and need to establish certain ideas


Patience and sacrifice are key components when starting a new business. Some tips to deal with the new challenge, even without money, and not to succumb. How to open a business with no money? We respond immediately to this question by providing practical advice so as to reach the target with ease: valid suggestions summarized in a kind mini guide, to follow step by step to succeed in their intent.

Are you an entrepreneur ICT? Find out by answering this simple test

They are everywhere and sometimes do not know if we can consider ourselves an ICT entrepreneur. To solve this easily, we have set to work developing this simple questionnaire. The operation of this little test is simple: so you just have to go answer the following 15 questions with a YES or a NO; Needless to say, that if you do not know what a word means directly answer a

When the customer left a robot?

We have made a purchase over the Internet and we are pleased with the whole process. But when the crucial moment arrives: delivery does not occur. The motives? We found ourselves not in our home, or the dealer failed to find the address. Our only option by the online store is a cold email, which refers to the page delivery company. A 902 and a robot. Toc, toc, forgiveness am

The learning curve, the key to the acceptance of changes in the company

The mantra repeated as many times “if it works do not touch” often leads to stagnation in the company. This assumes that there is reticence to change, especially because although our tools malfunction and we feel comfortable working with them. We know the tricks, the virtues and defects. This does not happen with the new programs, so the learning curve is key to the acceptance of changes in the company.

Leveraging Internet reviews to improve the company

For years companies have commissioned external reports to assess how certain departments were operating companies. The mystery client was responsible for evaluating their treatment. Well that today we can have it for free in many businesses since the mysterious customer offers valuations through reviews online.

How can self-protect your data against a cyberattack?

When it comes to Internet security always think in large companies. Who will want to enter the computer of a professional simple? Or we ask ourselves what we can interest to cybercriminals? Perhaps the approach is wrong, and the question is why are not going to get into my computer if they can? Let’s see how can self – protect your data against a cyberattack. Instead of comparing ourselves with

Managing expectations promotion of our team

The perfect situation for any responsible for a team is that their collaborators wish to be promoted in the organization and indeed, be prepared for it. However, countless times, does not happen just that. Our employees believe deserve a promotion not being prepared for it.