Local marketing: Google unveils official positioning parameters

Local Marketing

Google recently unveiled the basic parameters that must be taken into account to gain greater visibility online through local marketing

Regarding local marketing, what to do to ensure your website a good ranking?

As reported by the Local Strategy  and several American forum, Google recently unveiled the official parameters to be taken into account to be more visible online by taking advantage of local marketing actions: which explain what to focus on in order to obtain satisfactory results.

Local Marketing
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# 1- Relevancy

According to Google, so that it is really possible to increase their online visibility, you have to do in order to provide users with the best desirable response in terms of completeness, clarity and completeness.

To achieve this it is recommended to enter all the information on the card Google My Business associated company managed, so as to allow the system to match the enterprise search activity and to understand more easily what is your offer.

A good tip is surely to fill in all fields related to the business description, categories, opening times and various other useful information for the public. Also put some pictures in good resolution.

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# 2- Distance

Those who wonder how to appear on Google Maps, knows that the Local Search allows users to meet that basic need, translatable in the ability to perform online research to find within close proximity the necessary products-services.

While certain important activities and / or relevant with more distant site may be better positioned than smaller business with the closest location, to maximize results in terms of visibility, it must be as precise in inserting the pointer and the business address.

# 3- Importance

The main parameter that allows you to get high rankings online, is certainly one related to the importance of a certain company: through the Google factor connects the real sphere to the virtual sphere, putting in a prominent position in the activities that are actually more important.

To do this, the search engine considers the possible presence in the web of links, lists, articles and directories associated with a given structure (of course, the more there are, the greater its importance in the network).

To make the most of local marketing is also worth considering the number of reviews written by users and the score given by Google : getting good feedback as much as possible and responding to feedback, it is improving the local positioning.

These Google tips to enhance the results obtainable with the local marketing: effective solutions which, if combined with good SEO activities, can bring excellent results in terms of online visibility.

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