Are you an entrepreneur ICT? Find out by answering this simple test

Are you an entrepreneur ICT? Find out by answering this simple test

They are everywhere and sometimes do not know if we can consider ourselves an ICT entrepreneur. To solve this easily, we have set to work developing this simple questionnaire.

The operation of this little test is simple: so you just have to go answer the following 15 questions with a YES or a NO; Needless to say, that if you do not know what a word means directly answer a NO and go to the next question. Do not kid yourself, no one is watching you.

At the end, you just have to do a recount of the yeas and nays, in order to check whether you are an entrepreneur ICT, can be one of the four that we have prepared for you: Licking, Smoke, Expert or God .

are-you-an-entrepreneur-ict-find-out-by-answering-this-simple-testAre you entrepreneurial ICT ? Answers:

  1. Do you know people who have a startup?
  2. Have you gone over the last year to a technological event or Internet?
  3. Have you ever used the method Lean Canvas?
  4. Would you be willing to take your business applications online management, for example, with greater tranquility accounting bringing you a consultant?
  5. Have you “touched” ever html code and css without fear of screwing up?
  6. Do you usually you relate to engineers, computer scientists and graphic designers?
  7. Have you ever submitted to a contest of innovative business projects?
  8. Have you ever installed or fretted with WordPress or similar CMS?
  9. Have you written a blog?
  10. Would you rather be self before going to a training course?
  11. Do you think you know more about technology than most entrepreneurs with whom you have spoken in the past year?
  12. Have you worked or work in companies where intensive use of ICT?
  13. Could you quickly define what is ‘Internet of things’?
  14. Have you given a lecture or course to other entrepreneurs?
  15. Have you done any business related to ICT?

Results ICT Are you an entrepreneur?

See how many you answered YES and read our little diagnosis.

You have answered 5 questions or less so: “Rim Mode”

It is too early for you and it may not be your time as ICT entrepreneur; it is better to try to slowly introduce you to a world where you do not yet feel entirely comfortable.

It is convenient to start thinking about the medium term and get ready for a couple of years majoring you go, form yourself or looking for a job or collaboration that allows you to get to know the ICT world.

If you do not truly comes from within or lack the curiosity necessary minimum, it may be good to go thinking forget being a technology entrepreneur to engage in other more traditional business.

This is perhaps the first blow that you’re carrying in your journey to create a technology company. In any case you will do, it will not be the last.

You answered between 6 and 10 questions that SI: “Smoke Mode”

You should think about surround yourself with professionals and partners who share your concerns, not even to seek synergies and complementary profiles to yourssometime you find that you were needed.

Come, or continues to attend to many events reads ICT sector and entrepreneurs who want to emulate, it may still be early to get in touch with them, but you know perfectly the ecosystem in which you move .

You must begin to know how to separate projects worth and passing around you of those who do not , for that you have to delve into them, not only on the project website, so that you are able, at least for now, detecting hand smoke, try not generate much humacera you please .

You answered between 11 and 14 questions SI: “Expert Mode”

You are ready, and if you are not already heavily involved in a business project, it will be soon . Perfectly you know the economic, human and material resources left or you get for your business, and if not, you’re constantly thinking about it.

Now you are or seem an ICT entrepreneur, but do not neglect other key parts of the skills that make you miss, such as the power to raise or marketing actions.

You are aware, though you master the subject, you have to always learn and improve, you should not abandon spirit. Do not forget that the result is directly with work and that luck is reserved for very few.

You have answered the 15 questions that is: “God Mode”

What do doing a test like this? You should spend your time preparing your next round of funding.

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