Leveraging Internet reviews to improve the company

Leveraging Internet reviews to improve the company

For years companies have commissioned external reports to assess how certain departments were operating companies. The mystery client was responsible for evaluating their treatment. Well that today we can have it for free in many businesses since the mysterious customer offers valuations through reviews online.

leveraging-internet-reviews-to-improve-the-companyIn many cases the assessments made serve to fix the incentives for an employee, a department, etc. To do this the mysterious client was a series of points that had to sue to see if they met or not. All this we can now see through the reviews online. Sites like TripAdvisor, Google, or Foursquare are just some of the places where we can see what customers think of our business.

In many cases clients offer us much information on who bought or consumed, what day were on the premises, or publish photos of the invoice, products or services they had requested. With the view, both positive and negative, the company can take the necessary measures to correct problems, establish an incentive program, etc.

Of course not enough to explain the version of the company on the criticism. Not all will be founded, others are outright false of people who have not been in our business. Here we have to discriminate and set a filter, requiring further work to evaluate the opinion, the user profile, etc.

It is not a simple matter, but these pages offer the possibility of others to tell us what is not working our business. Sometimes we just wonder why the competition is to stop and we go at half speed, or just barely survived. The answer many times give us our own customers.

How much would your business for better positioning on the Internet ? The truth is that in this case we can do much to improve the positioning of our business thanks to customer reviews on pages and sites recommendations.

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