Managing expectations promotion of our team

Managing expectations promotion of our team

The perfect situation for any responsible for a team is that their collaborators wish to be promoted in the organization and indeed, be prepared for it.

However, countless times, does not happen just that. Our employees believe deserve a promotion not being prepared for it.

managing-expectations-promotion-of-our-teamManage such situations is not easy, in fact, have to face the personal ambition of our partner with a desire that is outweighed by their ability or experience, managing expectations is not easy.

To handle this situation should be noted that we strongly believe in our partner, recognize his merits and contributions , but with emphasis, that is not yet ready to be promoted and take on greater responsibilities.

The important thing is to reveal a clear interest in its proposal and will address the issue to see how can occur.

That is, help your employee understand what they need to learn and improve before a promotion and you’ll be there to help.

For example, improving their skills multi-functional, offering some season happens in another division or join a department committee or address, or helping to improve their relational capacity.

The most important thing is to discover what motivates our employee to request a promotion , economic issues, recognition, autonomy, etc., is essential to know and talk to him direct our conversation with open questions.

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