The new advertising reaches SMEs

The new advertising reaches SMEs

Reading an article a phrase stuck with me “. Internet has killed the Big Brother giving the consumer a power he had ever had in his hand”

And this power must be seized by large and small businesses. What is not acceptable is to implement a style of the nineties in 2016. The new publicity goes beyond moving the “furniture” , i.e. the message that defines our brand must not only accommodate other media but change the language.

the-new-advertising-reaches-smesIn communication, one of the most commonly used terms but less practiced is humility. If today company is not able to understand that his client is not interested in hearing about how good your products are, you have not understood that long ago there was a change.

Not like intrusive advertising. Neither television nor a Facebook page.

Long live entertainment! Thats the secret. If you want to keep the attention of your client, it offers entertainment, fun in every way you can think of related to your industry, but not bombard you with information that focuses on you.

We have little time. Everything goes very fast and many hours are worked. When a user arrives at your page receive him with open arms, have been chosen, please do not spook them. Seduces him to stay.

The customer has a power that twenty years ago would not have imagined: Internet: to select what you want. In less than five minutes, you can access all the information related to your product or service.

He compares, he chooses.

The passive consumer is over. Let’s open our eyes and forget the “give it to me like my page” Why? Give me a reason. As a customer I have so many options to choose from, I do not want to impose me anything.

What brands succeed? Those who opt for a close relationship, where information and a good deal go hand in hand. The advertising, as living dead Internet says so, but SMEs must learn to master the language in that space. The “because I’m worth it ” no longer applies to us.

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