November 2016


The market of mobile application is in constant ferment and evolution: every day they are baked in the hundreds, published by users on various Apple Store, Android Market and the like. It follows that the competition in this sector gradually becomes increasingly fierce and it is certainly not easy to stand out compared to its competitors. The two main distinguishing factors on which to build brand identity are certainly the

Software testers demand new testing methods

With software testing being revolutionised by new technologies, professional testers are calling for new testing methods to be incorporated into their day-to-day duties. Software testers recently came together at the two-day Pune Software Testing Conference (PSTC) to discuss the huge advancements in digitalisation and consider how these could be used to transform testing techniques going forward. Image Credit What is software testing? Software testing is the process of checking a


Come to the point! From 10 companies in America 9 companies are familiar, of these only 2% survive the third generation, and become successful are you surprised? It should not, if you consider that thousands of entrepreneurs believe that house rules are the same as in the company and therefore roles in business are confused and very importantly generate losses or slow business growth.

Sun Life Is Changing How It Sells Life Insurance Policies

The insurance provider Sun Life is making a special effort to streamline the process of applying for insurance and will eliminate a number of the medical tests that were previously a requirement for applicants. Image Credit Easy and Fair Access In an effort to cut costs and improve the obtainability of their insurance policies, the company will no longer utilise the same levels of medical testing. Formerly, for life insurance

How Donald Trump will impact the FDA

A new president is always big news, sparking discussion regarding new policies and initiatives. The recent election, which resulted in a win for Donald Trump, has created media frenzy like never before. President-elect Trump has already voiced his dislike of Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), pledging to repeal it as a priority once he takes office in January. Image Credit How far he will go with this is,


In recent years, consumers have begun to buy increasingly through the Internet. This has completely changed how they eat, how products are sold and positioning strategies for how they are created. Stores have to play with new rules and markings have to move in a scenario that is completely different than they had at first. Things have become something quite different, something that brands and consumers have to bear in

The secret to a beautifully organised garage…

Nearly every home has a dumping ground. A place where we store things that, might, one day get used again (here’s a tip: they usually don’t). For most of us, that place is the garage. Once a space for security conscious car owners, the garage has become a place to put items we don’t have room for in our homes. So if you want to sift through the chaos and


Forbes has compiled a list of nine rules for the proper management of the innovation process, not to proceed blindly risking missteps. Let’s see together how to elaborate by Forbes How to launch innovative activities that are able to bring progress? Grow, evolve, improve and make discoveries that can distort the beliefs of an entire planet, today as yesterday, the renewal can be reached along a myriad of different ways. Alternative routes that Forbes has selected

Beat your competitors

How to beat the competition, a great theme to be addressed in a post. Before making a career in multinational and then became an entrepreneur and an investor, I was lucky enough to work in very small companies with much larger competitors often for range of products / services / solutions, structure and turnover. They were years of great growth for me, because the challenge was and continues daily, and


The web marketing, online marketing, is undoubtedly an area fast and ever-changing. New platforms, new applications and tools for the Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing are now made available on a daily basis. Yet, while online marketing should already be a must for Professionals and Entrepreneurs, very few they are those who are doing a great job and they are getting results through their web marketing activities. Are you among