Telephone sales techniques: How to deal with the first moments of a business called

Telephone Sales

In a commercial context, how to exploit advantage of the telephone sales techniques to be heard by the people in the company really matter? We respond immediately to this question by listing the valuable tips to put into practice every time you contact someone to offer him something: specially designed tips to stimulate the attention of the interlocutor, and maximize the effectiveness of the calls!

According to the direct selling techniques, the first major hurdle to overcome when you phone in a new prospective client, is the filter that separates the head from the real audience: whether it’s assistants, secretaries or receptionists, these figures are carefully trained to pass on higher only calls indeed noteworthy and / or (somehow) concretely useful for the enterprise.

Telephone Sales
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So how to catch their attention to get in direct contact with a hierarchically most important player? The best way to get good results is to assume that, if on one hand there are those who call us to create new job opportunities, the other is the respondent to find interesting opportunities to be presented to the owner. Offering to filter the opportunity to emerge and stand out, it is automatically provides a good reason to give their support.

After understanding this concept as simple as essential, it should be stated that the Telemarketing techniques suggest to adopt throughout the telephone communication with the server of the specific precautions, in order to raise its level of interest a number of little tricks that we will go now to bring the following to get excellent results with minimal effort!

# 1- Give a good first impression

So that you can increase the effectiveness of its telephone sales techniques, we must first be able to give a good first impression of our self : forbidden to start the conversation with phrases like “I’m sorry to contact” or “Forgive interference” because if the proposal is interesting, there is no reason to believe that the phone call made can somehow be a source of disturbance.

Also speaking at the past is absolutely wrong, as those, for example, begins with a “I was looking for Mr Smith” seems intimidated and not at all certain what to do. A “Hello, Matt Green and I try Eng. Whites” instead provides the right level of security and professionalism that the other person wants to hear before moving the person claimed.

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# 2- Customize your call

The first way to customize a call is to avoid a priori type “requests Can I talk to your purchasing manager?”. A sentence like that fact, in addition to not transmit any professionalism, also indicates that the person on the phone does not have the faintest idea who the person mentioned. In order not to slam the receiver right away in the face, so it is advisable to use the internet or their knowledge to find out the name of the contact person sought, so as to transmit a higher level of security. If then the secretary asks the call reason, you can choose how to respond depending on the situation:

  • Before the call was sent to the person an e-mail message? Say that email you have already agreed to hear a voice;
  • You want to invite the manager to an event? Briefly describe the existence of the meeting and explain the reason for the conversation;
  • common understanding has advised to contact the manager of that particular company? Mention the name of that person and expect them to pass themselves off the professional.

# 3- Treat the tone and conversational style

To put into practice in the best way its direct selling techniques on the phone, you should then be treated with the utmost attention the tone and style of the conversation: be determined yet gentle, appear confident and professional (as mentioned earlier for example, sending an email even before making the call) and transmit a high level of confidence.

If, despite all efforts, the filter decides not to forward the call to the manager, however, remain calm and involve asking when it would be possible to call. Get a response to that effect is to take charge of the situation, because when the server from an availability, authorizing the counterpart to all effects to proceed with a new contact request.

These are our tips to maximize the effectiveness of telemarketing techniques: precious suggestions to exploit at every commercial called for increasing the professional performance.

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