The secret to a beautifully organised garage…

The secret to a beautifully organised garage…

Nearly every home has a dumping ground. A place where we store things that, might, one day get used again (here’s a tip: they usually don’t). For most of us, that place is the garage. Once a space for security conscious car owners, the garage has become a place to put items we don’t have room for in our homes. So if you want to sift through the chaos and bring order to your outside storage, we’ll reveal the secret to a beautifully organised garage.


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Space above your head

How are you supposed to organise your garage if you can barely get through the door? Items cluttering up your floor will leave you tackling an assault course of belongings. Look up and you’ll see a ceiling that’s clean and clutter free. Utilise your ceiling space by installing overhead storage. Simple racks that can hang from ceiling joints will do, or if you want to splash out, a motorised ceiling platform may be more your thing.

Take it to the wall

Brackets, shelves and pegboards are ideal for storing items on your garage walls. Using your wall space is another great way to alleviate clutter on your garage floor. A perfect way to organise your tools, paint tins, sports equipment and bicycles.

Professional storage

So, you’ve got lots of boxes stacked on top of each other in the garage, and you have no idea what’s in them. A simple solution to this is problem is to organise your belongings in bin racks. A cheap and easy way to put all your items in one place, the professional storage stand with different size boxes allows you to keep anything from nails and screws to big electrical appliances in order. Bin racks can be found at places such as

Squeeze in a workbench

Now you’ve utilised your ceiling space, covered your walls and organised belongings on shelves, you should now have space for a little workbench. Tackling DIY, wood work or gardening will now be a breeze.

Get on the floor

Finally, your garage floor has been cleared of clutter and you may notice it’s a bit drab and uninspiring. If you have a concrete floor consider covering it with an epoxy coating like liquid granite. This will give a clean and polished finish to your beautifully organised garage.

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