8 Tips for creating names for original and successful app


The market of mobile application is in constant ferment and evolution: every day they are baked in the hundreds, published by users on various Apple Store, Android Market and the like. It follows that the competition in this sector gradually becomes increasingly fierce and it is certainly not easy to stand out compared to its competitors. The two main distinguishing factors on which to build brand identity are certainly the icon and name. In this article, we will try in particular the second aspect, giving you some advice on how to be able to generate names for app distinctive and therefore capable of capturing user’s curiosity.

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Names app: Tips to create something unique and inimitable

Originality and synthesis are two features that make the difference when you are having to assign a competitive and effective as a new mobile application. But they certainly are not the only ones that you can consider. Below are some basic tips on how to be able to create app names that stand out in the vast sea of industry competition.

  • Many applications use names composed of two parts: one that highlights the app function and the other reinforcing it. Evernote, Wunderlist and Tweetbot are just a few examples.
  • Being “trendy” and “popular” is fine, but do not overdo it too much in the following fashion. They are the ‘ authenticity and originality to make a difference in this field. So force yourself to find something unique and different.
  • Clarity and recognizably are two other features that all the names of app should possess so the user knows immediately what is the main function of the app.

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  • Very often word of mouth is the voice to make a difference to the success of an app. It ‘important, then, that the name that identifies it is easy to pronounce.
  • Often there is a tendency to use all capital letters or only some of them within the name. We suggest you avoid, because the first thing the user currency is trust and the reliability and names for app written in this way at least for now do not enjoy a good reputation.
  • It is calculated according to its communication effectiveness that the length of a name for the mobile application should not exceed the eleven characters.
  • The use of suffixes and prefixes is not recommended even though many are abusing it lately (such as “go”, “get”, etc.)
  • Never use the classic generators of names and if you cannot find the right name rather rely on services and its contest for naming.

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