Software testers demand new testing methods

Software testers demand new testing methods

With software testing being revolutionised by new technologies, professional testers are calling for new testing methods to be incorporated into their day-to-day duties. Software testers recently came together at the two-day Pune Software Testing Conference (PSTC) to discuss the huge advancements in digitalisation and consider how these could be used to transform testing techniques going forward.


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What is software testing?

Software testing is the process of checking a piece of software for errors and defects; in addition, it can involve assessing the functionality of the software and establishing whether it fits the developer’s brief. The testing process, whether carried out manually or automatically, is interactive, as any bugs found often lead to further defects or for the need to rewrite code.

Looking to the future

Participants at the PSTC were greeted by international speakers and experts in their fields, who spoke about models and methods; tools and technology; business change and digital; and people and skills. Developers all over the country have also been looking ahead and making predictions for the future of their industry. Back in February this year, Java application development company Romexsoft commented on some of the developments expected in 2016, with many of these remaining relevant today.

Security testing remains a priority for many tech companies, as does mobile testing; however, the biggest advancements have come in terms of test automation, with numerous companies incorporating this process into their testing phase. Although automated testing has many benefits, such as higher accuracy levels, speed and cost efficiency, nothing quite compares to the input a human offers to the testing stages.

Manual testing can be carried out in various forms, but one of the best methods is crowdsourced software testing. Companies offering crowdsourced software testing, such as, can test websites on thousands of different mobile devices in record time and test mobile software using a community of professional and international software testers across a range of realistic platforms. This method makes testing more reliable, cost effective and error-free.

During this time of great change and digital advancement, tech companies must be flexible and adapt to the fast-moving industry. This means they must set aside a realistic budget to ensure their testers have the tools and support they need to be able to carry out their duties.

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