Management: 4 Tips Signed Jim Collins


Here are 4 tips to Jim Collins, author of Built to Last and Good to Great, to improve enterprise management, paying attention to the factors that promote the growth of the company

How to improve their business management in a simple and immediate? Here are 4 pearls of wisdom offered by Jim Collins: the well-known author of such books Built to Last and Good to Great, which over the years has conducted extensive studies on issues such as growth factors and creating successful businesses.

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# 1- Consistency and persistence

In Great by Choice, Collins tells the story of two groups of hikers from California reach Maine: while the first is 20 miles every day regardless of the route and the weather, the second, reaching the finish line long after, you conditioned by the situations found in everyday life (if it rains or if the ground is rough, driving less road).

According to Collins, the success of the first group depends on the character and the decision of his hikers, for which you could not possibly change the routine: if the initial pact was to travel 20 miles every 24 hours, nothing would have to change these arrangements (neither the weather nor the route, nor the people tiredness).

In this respect, the writer wants to teach us how the entrepreneurial sphere is in the reality of unpredictable and variable facts as the example: sometimes meet green sunny pastures and in other circumstances it is facing the fearsome icy slopes. To resist and get the best results in life and in business is therefore necessary to be more consistent and tenacious as possible.

# 2- Creativity and discipline

Before writing Great by Choice, Jim Collins and a team of researchers have studied for about fifteen years, the path taken by some successful businesses. This analysis has clearly emerged as the most successful reality have obtained the best results with resources provided by the right mix of creativity and discipline.

If creativity leads to the formulation of great ideas, the discipline is helping to implement these ideas, turning them into actual and beneficial insights for the company. Although these two components (creativity and discipline) may apparently seem antithetical, to achieve the best results in entrepreneurship it is necessary to combine them and make the most together.

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# 3- Objectives and catalytic mechanisms

Collins to demonstrate good corporate management means, among other things, also understand that the great objectives of a company should be achieved through the so-called catalytic mechanisms: if the first (goals) represent something purely abstract, the latter (mechanisms catalytic) are tools to be used to consolidate them.

Beyond that, it should then also said that, according to the author, their catalytic mechanisms facilitate the achievement of the objectives because they motivate and empower the team, improving the performance of the individual and the team, giving the tangible objects to the actions and by stimulating the group to make every day better and better.

# 4- Fundamental values ​​and objectives

According to Jim Collins, when speaking of a company should be clear roles of the core values and purposes: if the latter change, ideologically correspond to a kind of North Star that guides the company from a distance and are not always accessible because sometimes too ambitious, the core values are provided as guidelines to be respected regardless of the changes that could affect the company over the years. It embraces a policy of development, decentralizing the activities, products-services changes or expands globally, for the author, the core values remain the same over time.

These 4 pearls of wisdom offered by Jim Collins: precious revelations from which to start to formulate their business management to get better and better results.

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