January 2017

business growth

5 tips for dealing with it right the business growth and avoid critical… As any business owner, you also dream the day when you got a steady stream of customers look forward to working with you. But what can happen when business growth is too fast and the workload becomes heavier than you can bear? Sure, apparently it is a “desirable” problem, but a too rapid business growth can be as dangerous as

Sales Techniques

A post dedicated to those who are not satisfied with their commercial results. An article to find out if and what mistakes you’re making in your sales activities. The objective is to help you understand whether and why are you making mistakes in the sale and how to learn to sell, regardless of the sector in which it operates or the activities they are developing. An article, I want to clarify, that is not only


A simple way to become entrepreneurs is the network marketing, or multi-level marketing. It is a system based on the purchase of products / services of which we in our turn we become sellers recruiting other sellers to gain through them. Unfortunately, this phenomenon does not enjoy the fame they deserve because, unfortunately, has been associated with events and not always transparent situations that have actually damaged the reputation of

Why tech should top the priority list for financial advisors in 2017

With the start of a new year, many businesses will be setting goals for the year ahead. For those working in the financial advice sector, experts believe that one of the top priorities over the coming months should be to ensure the technology they use is of the highest order. Image Credit Increasingly competitive market Financial advice is becoming an increasingly competitive sector. According to Investopedia, financial professionals must consider

Inbound Marketing vs Content Marketing

What is the difference between the two concepts? Today there are a lot of marketing types, so I understand that your ideas are a bit ‘confused. With the growth of the digital market and the spread of digital professions, the situation does not improve then certainly. Then, first of all it must be said that, as the two concepts are closely linked to each other, in reality do not coincide. Indeed, we

lose sales

Lose sales because of a few words: It is really possible? Besides my youth sales, I joined and grown for years many sellers. I worried first of all of those who had more difficulty in operating properly for effective business results. Often contravention problems in the process of rapport or listening, in other cases the lack of ability to handle objections, to negotiate or close sales but what you often


If you sell a long time and if you do it successfully, you develop a kind of sixth sense that helps you figure out when the customer in front of you is losing interest in your proposal so much that you risk losing a sale. This instinctive element is obviously very useful because if you identify when this happens, you can also take the necessary countermeasures. To succeed in this


How to plan a strategy for social media marketing for your E-commerce? A Guide in 3 Steps to Starting aware… Before you begin, note that… Social networking and social media marketing for e-commerce represent a potential additional source of revenue. Thanks to the storytelling, you can build your reputation and develop a brand identity, enhancing your products. Adapts the content of your e-shop based on the social networks used: games-contest,


Many companies do not put the focus on hiring a creative beyond specific tasks such as drawing up a logo or designing the website. Today we explain why this is a gross error and the importance of fostering creative internal talent. Creativity is still surrounded by many myths and apart from many organizations, who know how essential it is to have creative employees to solve problems, retain talent, differentiate themselves

Open an activity

3 Things that Warren would have liked to know before you start a business and to enter the list of successful companies… You are about to open a business and looking for an efficient system that allows you to indent as soon as your start up within the category of successful companies? Here are three valuable suggestions provided directly by Warren Cassell Jr. (16 year old young entrepreneur of Montserrat in the Caribbean). Although