How to advertise your business? 7 lessons from the big brands that have made history


To advertise and advertise their company learning from big as Nike, Volkswagen, Absolut and many more

How to advertise?

Unfortunately when we are faced with the need to advertise their company we could find ourselves in front of utter bewilderment. The work of creative and marketing people born from years of study of materials that may be far removed from our sphere of competence.

In most cases we rely on specialists, but it can happen of having to make do. Here then 7 great examples of international success to learn from.

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#1 – Nike: Just Do It

“The strength of the supporter who encourages you and is always with you”

Although, until the end of the eighties, Nike products are almost exclusively purchased by professional runners, with the spread of the mania for fitness and with the main objective to overcome Reebok in the sale of shoes, the US company decides to some point to bet all out on the new campaign just Do it that, within about a decade, allows it to bring its turnover from 800 million dollars to 9.2 billion dollars.

Do you want to run 5 kilometers? Foul! Want to climb 4 flights of stairs? Foul! Want to jump to a meter from the ground? Foul! With 3 simple words, put in the right order Nike manages to attract like a magnet all those consumers who were only waiting to be stimulated to push beyond their limits: whether it be to encourage the public to do something or to convince him to buy a specific product- service, when you choose to advertise, make sure that your proposal transmit confidence, gratification and, above all, needs.

#2 – The bottle of Absolut Vodka

“A unique format that you can fill with whatever you want”

Absolut before it decides to advertise their company focusing on the bottle symbol, occupies a mere 2.5% of the vodka market but, after a campaign lasting 25 years and divided into over 1500 different ads, even manages to acquire 50% of the US market.

Although Absolut advertises for a quarter of a century an ordinary container for alcohol, tells the story of its product constantly arousing public interest no matter how boring the article is proposed, what is important is to always promoted persuasively, innovative, inspiring and original.

#3 – Volkswagen: Think Small

“Be proud of what you have and use it as a strength”

The campaign Think Small built for Volkswagen in 1960 by the famous US agency DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach) has the primary objective to also appreciate an American people, accustomed to large vehicles, the smaller machines.

You think I’m small? Indeed they are! This provocative way of an advertisement that are a move in contrast with the expectations of local consumers, is still liked by them for transmitted sincerity before you want to understand how to get publicity, it is important to remember to always be honest with the public although the proposals might not like.

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#4 – Marlboro: Marlboro Man

“Selling a lifestyle and an imaginary, not a product”

The Marlboro Man ads broadcast for the first time by the famous producer of cigarettes from 1955 testify to the perfection of the power of a brand focused on key factors such as the strength, masculinity and virility.

You want to be free? Do you want to be brave? You want to be independent? The success of the Marlboro campaign depends first and foremost by the fact that he had convinced the male population that to become real men enough to smoke cigarettes the right: when trying to figure out how to advertise, so you have to do everything possible to lead consumers to think that the product offered leading to an improvement of their lives or of their image.

#5 – California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk?

“Not always the aim is to obtain new customers”

With the campaign Got Milk? built in 1993 by the American agency known Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the California Milk Processor Board, sales of whole milk from California State grew by 7% in a single year.

In this case the goal is not so much to advertise to gain new customers, but rather to further enhance milk reiterating to those who already drink it how important his role in the daily diet.

#6 – Where: The real beauty

“Differentiate themselves and embrace their consumers”

The campaign Real Beauty (The real beauty in Italian) made by Dove in 2004 finds its greatest strength of the slogan Imagine a world where beauty is a source of self-confidence, not anxiety: a phrase so simple and spontaneous and effective, which perfectly manages to stimulate the sensitivity of consumers around the world.

Although, according to a recent study, only 4% of the female population is really like, the spot Where describing the beauty as something available to everyone, were seen 114 million times in 110 countries and have had 3,740,000 shares: those who want to advertise their company can be he himself who will project the consumer for what it is, valuing it.

#7 – De Beers: A Diamond is Forever

“Bind to a situation so common that it becomes a symbol or part of the same situation”

The known phrase A diamond is forever proposed in 1947 by the US NW Ayer & Son for De Beers and considered by Advertising Age magazine as the leading advertising slogan of the twentieth century, the league for the first time the spiritual concept of marriage to a material object as the diamond.

The key objective of the entire campaign is to create a situation in which those who marry demonstrates its love spending money and the higher the greater ring cost is the love felt by the groom: to understand how to get publicity inspired by the example of De Beers suffice it to say that a good marketing action stimulates purchase even if spending appear unjustified, unnecessary or out of place.

These are the most successful campaigns of recent decades: 7 great examples that allow you to understand how to advertise your company to achieve good results since shortly.

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