Do you know what are the words that make you lose sales?

lose sales

Lose sales because of a few words: It is really possible?

Besides my youth sales, I joined and grown for years many sellers. I worried first of all of those who had more difficulty in operating properly for effective business results.

Often contravention problems in the process of rapport or listening, in other cases the lack of ability to handle objections, to negotiate or close sales but what you often made me get important results in this activity coaching was my ability to listen carefully to those who were involved in the sales process to detect the most ineffective phrases used and if there were words that compromised their ability to close more sales.

lose sales
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Even today both in my Consulting activities in the training, many sellers encounter, agents and above all Consultants Freelance Professionals and Entrepreneurs who are likely to use the same phrases and some words, over and over again, in their speech. Often they do so even when they are with their clients ….

You must know that often the continuous repeat of some concepts or some words, in addition to annoy the potential customer, does not make you empathize or even worse, you lose credibility. In both cases, it does not sell.

In other words, in addition to appearing a bad communicator you may also seem like a bad professional.

Do you really want to know what are the words that can make you lose sales?

Perhaps you are thinking … but do not you first tell me what I should use. Fair reflection, not by chance in my course I see and use to the participants the “Sales Key Words”. Words such as “increase” …

However, these are the ones that help you increase your sales while the “Sales Killer Words” are what you make them lose.

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The Sales Leadership is the only course on the sale which delves into this aspect ….

To make you still understand what we are talking about, I’ll make some specific example and I’ll give you some suggestions…

If you have a habit of repeating the word “course”, this will give the impression to your customers that you are thinking that it is not smart enough to understand what you’re saying. Do you realize what this could lead?

If you often repeat the word “basically”, you have to keep in mind that your potential customers are not stupid, they know to judge what for them is essential. If you must strengthen some concepts, learn to paraphrase using, for example, “in other words …”

If you think you can often use the word “Council” then I hope that you are a true authority in your area of expertise. A highly recognized specialist and recognized … because if it is not, you have to consider that if your potential customer wants advice would you turn to a counselor or someone he trusts.

This is a talk very delicate because it can reveal arrogance. It may be that you are normally very appreciated in your field but overwhelm a potential client might not be the best thing to do. Instead of “Council”, learns to use type “formulas for the many past experiences, it may be useful to consider that … together.”

A final example: If even unintentionally often uses the word “hope”, you must know that this will think that you’re not sure of yourself or unsafe compared to what you propose. It ‘a word that makes you weak and always creeps strong doubts.

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