February 2017


The passage of the relay in the company is always a delicate moment. They serve concentration and coordination to avoid mistakes and undo the work done in a short time What implies a generational shift in the company? Let’s find out right away with analyzing in detail the advantages and disadvantages arising from such change: advantages and disadvantages to consider before handing over the reins of the enterprise to the heirs.

5 Summer Clothing Essentials for Men

Now that the weather is warmer and the summer months are on the horizon, it’s time to put away the layers and start thinking about dressing for those longer days spent hanging out on the beach. That means going with lighter fabrics, less material, bright colors, and white is always in for this time of the year. Just because the temperature is going up doesn’t mean your sense of style

Why We Spend Nearly £300k in Our Lifetimes Eating Out

Studies have shown that Brits will fork out an estimated £288,000 on restaurant bills during their lifetimes, and this seems set to increase with every passing year. Whereas eating out in years gone by was considered a treat, these days it’s almost the norm and researchers have found that pub meals are a firm favourite, followed by Chinese and Indian. So why has eating out become so commonplace, and why

Web analytic tools

Have you ever wondered how reliable are the data that you see in a Google Analytics account rather than on an advertising platform like Facebook? Do you trust 100% of the sessions, clicks or conversion rates reported? Well, think about that web analytics systems are flawless is Utopian, but how can you stay calm and serene take decisions based on reliable data? In this article I will try to share


One of the most common requests made by all of the vendors is a course on sales techniques that will help them improve sales skills and, in general, their performance. What should offer a course of this type of techniques to achieve good results? It should first improve communication processes and, secondly, to improve the ability to “read” the seller has compared to the client. But not enough! Optimize the

New conductive expoxy resin ready to launch to the market

Graphene has truly amazing properties – it’s 200 times stronger than steel, conducts better than silver, can be levitated by magnetism, is nearly transparent, can self-repair holes and tears, and has a staggering area to mass ratio (2630 m2/g). The material already has commercial applications in touch screens, solar panels, batteries and capacitors. Tennis brand, Head, has even launched a range of graphene tennis rackets. Image Credit To illustrate its


The sales techniques are specifically designed strategies to positively influence the buying and selling process, in order to improve the likelihood that the potential customer purchases a product or service from the seller. In practice, we assume that a seller meetings hundred potential customers and can convince to buy ten of them, without the aid of any sales strategy in particular. Thus obtain a rate of closures of 10%. The

Unconventional Marketing

As now, you have got to understand, communication, marketing and sales have changed radically in recent years, especially about the use of technologies advanced and wide-ranging dissemination of new media. In the era of so-called “unconventional marketing” – or innovation – alternative content are one of the main push factors of the business. Buyers and consumers can access with great simplicity in an infinite range of information on products, services,


Today we will deal with how to become a professional seller. Craft beautiful, with good economic prospects, independent and challenging, but if you have to start from scratch is not as simple as it might seem. I will try to give you good advice, in order to begin this new work experience and really become a good seller, giving a twist to your working life and your career. If you


We are a small company; we do everything with spreadsheets, e-mail and telephone. For now it’s fine … indeed no! This is one of the catchphrases used by small business owners, most of all by the Start-up. In fact it is normal to wonder whether a small company, it is convenient or not to introduce the use of ERP management software. With this article, I will try to answer just