Course on sales techniques: What should teach you to earn more?


One of the most common requests made by all of the vendors is a course on sales techniques that will help them improve sales skills and, in general, their performance. What should offer a course of this type of techniques to achieve good results?

It should first improve communication processes and, secondly, to improve the ability to “read” the seller has compared to the client. But not enough! Optimize the time of sale. A meeting with the customer must be optimized in terms of timing. Needless to keep them talking for hours and hours of irrelevant things, not interesting or what has been said.

The improvement of the communication process design helps you to do the right questions at the right time and in the right way until you can stringing the meeting in strictly necessary time to receive and communicate the right information. Whereas the time that all we have available in a day is limited, optimize the time of sale will allow you to play more matches in the same span of time and thus greatly improve the revenue.

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Use non-verbal communication

While not believing much in the science of so-called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I still have to admit that its validity for the purpose of “reading” the client has it. Very often you can understand that the customer is biased towards you, or you’re telling a lot of tall tales, or still is trying to manipulate you to get information from you that will exploit with another seller …

Knowing how to interpret non-verbal communication allows you to save a lot of time on high-risk situations of loss of time and understand where we are, the true motivations that drive the customer to do the actions that makes (and that you can later reuse proposal stage).

It improves sales effectiveness

Obviously, a course on sales techniques must focus a lot on the economic efficiency of the sale. Let me explain why it is a critical step. Let us assume that in a month the course on sales techniques in pdf you purchased allows you to convince 80% of the customers, but for each customer you need a full week of trading. Maybe in a month meetings 5 and 4 customers sign the contract. Let us assume a 500 dollar to gain customer, you earned 2000 dollars.

The course on sales techniques instead, has a 40% yield, however, it allows you to carry out all the work in one day. You would encounter in a month at least 20 potential customers that will turn into actual customers 8. The monthly gain is doubled!

Of course, I am doing extreme examples, but the gist is that it is essential to improve not only the percentage of conversion of contracts met in customers, but also the number of customers met in the same time.

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Reuses the information

A course on sales techniques that respects must teach you to reuse the information received by the customer during the meeting. To receive the information must of course ask the right questions (as mentioned before) and then you have to process them in order to present your product / service in a way that is as familiar and fitting as possible to the customer. If you do well this part of the customer you will have the impression that you’re offering him exactly what he needs and he could not find. This is the point where you decide much of the success or failure of the meeting.

Understand the decision-making processes

You saw in the previous point what is the spring that pushes the customer to buy, however, it is said that both he must make the choice. Of fundamental importance is being able to talk to the right person, that is with the guy who has the final say on purchases! You will want to do all the right job but with the wrong person …

Over a course of sales techniques is to teach you how to figure out who is the person who makes the decisions, and then find out what can convince him by position covering company staff.

Not all employees of a company are interested in solving a specific problem. Some are interested in returns, more reliability, and others (all in fact), you cover your ass and try not to lose your place or to be essential within the company.

If you talk to the owner, of course, it will be more sensitive to the returns or to bureaucratic thinning. The higher-ranking employees are more interested in preserving their place. Other types of employees however, may have the objective to make a career, and then select the product / service that would allow him to become the focal point of the situation.

Provides the customer

This point is critical to sell more, and now I’ll explain why. When I speak of loyalty I not just mean one in which your company, after selling its product, may propose other solutions in the future but, above all, one in which you as a seller can offer more to the same customer.

Many, if not most, make the mistake of linking its image to a particular company, then after some time something happens so the company closes, decided to make a turnover, or, you go out for some reason and customers remain firm. A course on complete sales techniques should allow you to create your personal brand expert position in a sector known by your customers. If you succeed, the change of company customers remain yours!

For whom are the courses for the sales techniques? In fact everyone! As well as the sales managers are useful to sales professionals. They can be applied to sellers of a shop (the so-called sales staff) as the door to door salesmen. Certainly they are useful for consultants in all sectors, to those who perform an independent profession and also to those producers.

If you follow a course for the canvassing paid by your company of course it will never be complete, because we receive information that will not teach you to take your customers with you when you shall separate the company itself. Personally I always recommend getting a course of private external sales techniques, which includes everything, and not only the useful things to your boss.

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