5 Summer Clothing Essentials for Men

5 Summer Clothing Essentials for Men

Now that the weather is warmer and the summer months are on the horizon, it’s time to put away the layers and start thinking about dressing for those longer days spent hanging out on the beach. That means going with lighter fabrics, less material, bright colors, and white is always in for this time of the year. Just because the temperature is going up doesn’t mean your sense of style has to drop. You can still look your best with these five summer clothing essentials for men.

  1. Fitted Flat Front Shorts
    Summer means one thing – shorts. The one article of clothing that we can all agree is a must from May to August (and even longer in some parts of the country). But now that this one garment is going to be the item of choice for nights, weekends, and some lazy days in between, it’s important to have the right one. Fitted flat front shorts are much more stylish and better looking than a pair of baggy cargo shorts and every man should have at least one pair in his closet.
  2. Fitted Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt
    Baggy is out. Sure it’s fine to do some yard work or an oil change in a saggy T-shirt and baggy shorts but when you’re out in public and you want your style to be crisp and current, reject the baggy look and go with a fitted short sleeve to go with your fitted shorts. The previous decade was not kind to the short-sleeve button-down but times have changed and so should you.
  3. Short Sleeve Henley T-shirt
    Another item that you’re going to want to be fitted more than loose and the Henley T-shirt brings style and comfort into one affordable garment. Ditch the novelty that’s too much bacon said no one ever shirt and grab a few of these simple and stylish T’s in a variety of colors to complement the rest of your wardrobe for any occasion.
  4. The Webbed Belt
    Some might find it a bit too preppy, others may love the laid-back look. But a webbed belt can work to bring a little stylish flair to a shirt and shorts that don’t have any patterns on them. Another affordable item that you can find in a variety of patterns and colors to complement your wardrobe.
  5. The Classic Sunglasses
    Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes and when you’re selecting the pair that’s right for the summer, you’ll want to eschew the high-performance, overly flashy, techno look and go for the classic aviator or wayfarer shape instead. But you don’t have to be limited by just those two choices; there are hundreds of designs out there that can bring form and function together in one great looking package.

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