Why We Spend Nearly £300k in Our Lifetimes Eating Out

Studies have shown that Brits will fork out an estimated £288,000 on restaurant bills during their lifetimes, and this seems set to increase with every passing year.

Whereas eating out in years gone by was considered a treat, these days it’s almost the norm and researchers have found that pub meals are a firm favourite, followed by Chinese and Indian. So why has eating out become so commonplace, and why are we spending so much money on convenience food, take aways and sit down meals?


Eating out is easy, there’s no denying it, and these days there are so many available options for us to enjoy. Whatever our culinary desires for the day, we can fulfill them with ease and often we can ensure that eating out still fits into our budget.

Many people cite not having to do dishes as a reason for regular eating out, or keeping their kitchen clean. Not everyone has commercial glass washers such as those supplied by https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/bar-supplies/commercial-warewashers/commercial-glass-washers, so not making a mess is a valid point.

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Lack of Time

The time factor is a big one for many, and in today’s busy, fast paced world, cooking can simply take too long. Many people say that the time they take to do the grocery shopping and prepare a meal eats too much out of their day, and it’s far quicker to eat out and use the extra time for other more important tasks. A lack of time also means that take aways are a popular option, as they can be eaten on the run or once you get home, and are the ultimate in time-saving, convenience food.


While the myth that eating out is cheaper than eating in has often been debunked, there are some great deals at restaurants that make it almost comparative. Although cheaper deals or restaurant specials may not be the healthiest, nutrition is often sacrificed over cost.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and a myriad of other dietary requirements and needs are also to be considered when cooking for more than yourself. Instead of people hosting dinner parties, these days it’s far easier to go to a restaurant to socialise, as there’s sure to be a dish on the menu that caters to everyone’s exacting needs or preferences.

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