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Email Marketing

The division of the Gmail Inbox with the introduction of the Promotions Tab has angered marketers around the world, concerned about the end of email marketing. It was 2013 and the facts show that it was not so. Rather. After a few years we can say with certainty that there are valid reasons to love the Tab Gmail.

One of the areas where you never stop learning is the marketing. The world of Dem campaigns for some time comes to terms with the Tab Gmail, according to which e-mail is divided into 3 folders: “Main”, “Social” and “Promotions”. In the first come the emails from people; the Social section collects social network notifications to which we are members, and the last tab is where they end all commercial newsletter to which we are members (offers from Amazon to name a few).

The most frequent objection of who was in charge of marketing, in 2013, was involved dubious people consider spam to all that came in the Promotions Tab, deleting emails without even reading them. Less openings, fewer conversions, less sales. Instead No.

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The data collected did not give a light scenario:

  •  HubSpot had recorded a + 58.9% open rate constant and + 63% in June, the only openings on the May (year 2013), after the start of the new features;
  • According MailChimp there had been a marked reduction in the rate of open three weeks after the launch of the Tab;
  • For  Return Path the percentages were: 24% of read rate in the root folder, 14% read rate in Promotions.
Tab Gmail
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Some thought that the arrival of the email in the Promotions Tab would shut down any hope of reading, while the intention of Gmail was to help its subscribers to maximize attention. And the time gave reason to Gmail, for at least three reasons:

  1. The interesting fact, for anyone involved in marketing, which is essentially the incorporation of advertising messages in the “Promotions” has encouraged the reading of the messages that are not spam. The tendency is to consider the Promotions tab as a custom marketplace according to their tastes .
  2. Moreover,  the negative effect is less due to the feeling of interruption. Not hide, when a mail arrives we tend to read it right away, and if we are working or are committed would be better if we did not waste time. The promotions are not lost, but we can control at the end of the day instead of having to constantly distracted from our activities.
  3. We must also consider the quality of clicks: who spends time in the Promotions Tab consciously devotes her time shopping, exploring offers.

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