Freeview Play Passes One Million Sales

Freeview Play Passes One Million Sales

You may have heard of the digital TV service Freeview, which has taken the nation by storm since its launch back in 2002. If not, where in the world have you been? Built into most new TVs and offered via a set-top box for those wishing to use it, Freeview Play offers all your favourite channels in one handy package – not only the free channels from the original package but thousands of new channels, including catch-up TV with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and more.

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Given its excellent value, it’s no surprise that the Freeview Play package recently hit a benchmark and surpassed a million sales since its launch in late 2015 and is continuing to grow.

One in Three Sales

Supported by over 20 leading brands, including Toshiba and Humax, Freeview has rapidly made its name as the most widely adopted catch-up TV service for manufacturers, and it is, according to managing director Guy North, on its way to becoming the ‘new normal’ way for viewers to access their regular TV shows. It has been estimated that TVs with Freeview built in now account for one in three TV sales.

What’s more, having recently announced new features, including search and recommendation functions acting as add-ons for TVs manufactured in 2017, it doesn’t look like they’re planning to slow down their takeover of national television any time soon.

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How to Get Hold of Freeview

Want to join the million people who have already switched over? Of course you do! If you’re not in the market to purchase a new TV, you can purchase a set-top box in order to access Freeview’s various features. You’ll need an aerial to access them, however, but several companies can provide installation and tuning services.

Companies such as offer a cheap and rapid Freeview installation. For those based in Tewkesbury TV aerial repair and Freeview installation can be just a few clicks or a phone call away.

If you’ve purchased a smart TV within the past five years or so, the chances are you may have the features you need installed already. Check out the integrated applications on your TV or contact the manufacturer for more information if you’re unsure. Either way, don’t allow yourself to miss out on the deal any longer: check out Freeview today.

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