The UK’s Most Desired Property Types

The UK's Most Desired Property Types

If you were able to pick your perfect house style, which of the varied architectural styles in the UK would you opt for? Perhaps you yearn to live in a charming Victorian cottage or terrace or maybe an Edwardian manor house. This question has now been answered by a recent survey that has revealed that the number one home on our property shopping list is a Georgian detached property.

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This comes as no real surprise, as the Georgians certainly knew what they were doing when it came to building houses. Georgian architecture is named for style of architecture built during the reigns of George I, II, III and IV between the years 1714 and 1830.

The overall style and appearance of Georgian houses varies widely but is distinguished by the pleasing proportion and symmetry inspired by classical buildings of Rome and Greece. Ornamentation, whilst present, is most often discreet, and the overall effect tends towards balanced elegance.

Many counties of the UK boast some wonderful examples of homes of this period, including Gloucestershire. Visit the Gloucester estate agency to browse the wealth of homes that are currently on the market.

Conversely, the property type most of us put at the bottom of our wish list is the utilitarian post-war flat. These 1950s properties reflected the need for cost savings as the country strove to re-build and expand its housing stock after the war. They don’t score too highly in terms of aesthetics, being built of slabs of concrete that are practical but certainly not pretty.

The survey revealed that the most desirable home styles in the UK are:

1. Detached (Georgian)
2. New-build
3. Eco-homes
4. Detached (Pre-Georgian)
5. Semi-detached (Edwardian)

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Read more about house styles through the ages at

The researchers also revealed the fact that many of us living in the UK, regardless of the age of our property, prefer a more modern interior. The data shows that many of us look for features such as a walk-in shower and underfloor heating, though we remain keen on more traditional features, including original fireplaces and bay windows.

A high-spec bathroom will always appeal to home buyers, and these days it’s easy to replicate the ‘boutique’ style so popular in chic hotels by adding good-quality fittings.

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