10 years of corporate events at The O2

A well-known London entertainment venue, The O2 has also hosted more than 100 corporate events in its main arena over the last decade. As it reaches its 10-year milestone, we look at how the dome-shaped venue has provided businesses across the country with a platform to encourage team-building events for their workforces.

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 Why do businesses choose The O2 as a corporate events venue?

The O2 arena is the home of the BRIT Awards and the National Television Awards, which makes sense when you consider the audience numbers attending these high-profile events; however, why is the venue so popular as a corporate team-building space? Since launching in June 2007, The O2 has welcomed an array of restaurants under its roof in addition to several lounges and private rooms, making it perfect for entertaining groups of all sizes. There is also the main stage area, of course, which offers businesses the opportunity to include an entertainment element as part of their event.

Corporate sales at The O2 still soaring 10 years on

The head of corporate events at The O2, Becci Thomson, confirms that the venue’s dealings with corporate events has grown significantly since its opening thanks to its diverse calendar of events and excellent facilities. Other factors include the arena’s easily-accessed location by most means of transport and its useful car park. She believes that the attraction is the scope of holding an event at The O2, from spaces suitable for a small number of delegates to big areas perfectly adapted for large-scale hospitality.

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Examples of corporate events held at The O2

The largest ever dinner to have been held at the arena was in conjunction with the Responsible Business Awards, which attracted a staggering 1,600 seated guests. Meanwhile, the Salvation Army’s global congress saw 15,000 delegates attend the venue. No matter the size of your workforce or where your business headquarters, The O2’s corporate events team can offer options that cater to your specific requirements.

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If you feel inspired by The O2’s considerable catalogue of exciting corporate events and wish to organise your own team-building exercise, there is no better time to start planning.

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