Special considerations for outdoor events

Outdoor events can be excellent fun, whether it’s a village fete, a music festival or a family party, there are lots of things to consider to make the event a success.

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Obviously, the first consideration is the venue. Make sure you have the amenities that your guests will need, for example, access to indoor restrooms and washing areas. Parking has to be considered along with such things as tables and seating. Depending upon how many people you are expecting will determine whether you need permits or licences, also whether or not you intend serving or selling alcohol. For an event of fewer than 500 people, you will need a Temporary Event Notice and this will also cover you for entertainment going beyond 11 pm. For events on public land, you will need permission from the local council.


Plans need to be put in place to cover emergencies and access to emergency services must be made available. Traffic management needs supervising and adequate signage is a must. Know the rules and check noise regulations and fire safety covering outdoor events and consider the impact on homes in the area.


Consider how you are going to run electricity from outside – is there a safe supply? Proper lighting is important for both safety and ambience. Consider the different types of lighting required for walkways and car parks. What electricity supply will you need for any entertainment that you may be supplying and what electric source will outside caterers need?

Plan B

Do you have a contingency plan if the weather is bad? Prepare for the worst by having a marquee or indoor option if the weather is against you. Umbrellas should be on hand to give to guests and pathways should be provided which are not going to become muddy and waterlogged.

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Team building

Another form of outside activity is holding a team building event. With a huge range of activities available, there are options to suit every team and budget. There is a selection of companies who run corporate team building events such as Leicester team building corporate events https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/team-building-corporate-events.html, so you can leave the stress of organising to someone else.

Outdoor events can be loads of fun. All you need is good weather and good organisation, sensible decision making and you could all be in for a brilliant time.

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