Video Marketing: How to attract the attention of potential customers?

Video Marketing

Did you know that companies that use videos increase their sales by 49%?

Video marketing is a good strategy for an inbound plane as it allows you to be creative, to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase brand awareness.

Here are some tips to also attract you the most possible traffic to your site with a good video marketing strategy.

Video Decrease The Percentage Of Bounce Rate

The percentage of rebound is the number of people who quickly leaves a site after having visited. Your online goal is not only to attract visitors and increase traffic to the company website, but also make them stay on your site as long as possible. At least for converting them to contacts.

Video Marketing
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A good strategy, according to data is video marketing. The reason? People are lazy, are in a hurry, they would rather watch a video than read an article about the product or service offered. According to Animoto even 4 out of 5 people would prefer to watch a video rather than reading an online text. This finding is especially crucial for companies working in highly technical field (because of technical usually = boring!). A video attracts much more attention than a paragraph full of jargon and gobbledygook!

This should help to decrease the percentage of bounce and increase the average time spent on your site by users.

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Video Marketing Analytics

The video marketing goal is to make sure that videos are really seen. If you create a corporate video long and boring, you will have worked for nothing.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and build a video that will like and that will attract their attention. How can you be sure of that? He studied in depth your buyers person, is always the best starting point for optimum business communication!

How To Create A Video For Online Marketing

Video Marketing
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By following these simple tips you can build a successful video …

  • Make it short: Remember that the visitor’s attention is not infinite. Build a maximum video two minutes since, according to some studies; it is the ideal time to ensure that people will watch.
  • Write down your video: Search engines cannot read the video, for now. So, unless you have the full transcript (or at least a summary) of the videos on a page, Google will have just the title to help you index it. On YouTube, for example, there is a special function for this requirement.
  • Create a high-quality video: Remember that the video quality is associated with your service quality. Do not underestimate this aspect!
  • Do not forget your keyword: Choose keywords that have a high number of searches and a medium / low level of difficulty. Once you have chosen, make sure they are present in the title of the video, in the video description, and in the file name in the tag.
  • Post to YouTube: You may be tempted to post your videos on the site of your company to have more control, but you should not do it. Remember, Google is master of YouTube and if you publish your video on your website, you’re avoiding the biggest engine of video search. In addition, publishing the video on your page, you may have less view. Also posting it on YouTube you would have much more visibility as it is a well-known platform and this would allow many more users to visit your site.

Once the videos created manage to multiply the visits to your site, then it does not remains to monetize this effort by generating leads and customers.

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