Why your work desk needs a bullet journal

Why your work desk needs a bullet journal

For busy people trying to organise their lives, a journal or planner is essential. To save time and remember everything in one place, a bullet journal is a perfect solution to the organisational nightmare that is modern living. Surprisingly, this method is old-fashioned. Here’s some more information about the bullet journal that will hopefully change the way you plan.

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What are bullet journals?

They are paper-based journals that involve writing things down. This process helps your brain to organise itself and prioritise, something that may be lacking when working online. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything that is important so you can organise yourself in a way that you cannot do with your smartphone. It requires no technical know-how to set up and as it is a living document, you can adapt it as your priorities change.

What does it involve?

All you need is a good desk like a Bespoke Commercial Desk if you are using the journal in your office. A decent pen always helps, and you’ll need a notebook to use as your journal. The journal will be set up in a few important sections.


This section makes things easy to find. This is a table of contents that can be updated continuously and can be used as a reference point. Make sure that you have numbered all the pages in your journal so the index can serve its purpose.

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Future log

This section is for writing down the events that will be happening in the future. Depending on your needs, you can allocate days to pages as appropriate, using one day per sheet if you are busy. You add events in as they arise. Make sure that you have an appropriate size of journal to complement your desk, such as those found at http://simonkohnfurniture.co.uk/our-work/commercial/reception-areas-and-desks/.

Monthly log

The monthly log will normally have two pages: one acting as your calendar and one acting as your task page. Use the calendar page for birthdays and other events so you can have a bird’s-eye view of the month.


This log will contain your tasks and events and any notes you need to add to the planner. Symbols will help you determine whether a task has been completed. The more you complete, the better you will feel!

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