Buying the Online Coverage You Need to Protect Your Place of Worship

Buying the Online Coverage You Need to Protect Your Place of Worship

As the pastor of your own church, you are entrusted with dozens of important tasks on any given day. Your proverbial flock looks to you to spend the tithing collection wisely, visit the sick and elderly, and carry out other ministerial duties. You are the church’s leader and protector in many ways.

When it comes to protecting the church, both the building and the congregation, you may need additional help from people who may or may not be in your flock of congregants. With protection like liability coverage, storm and flood policies, and other types of church insurance Florida pastors like you can get peace of mind and focus on carrying out your duties.

Protection from Storms, Fires, Floods, and Other Disasters

Florida is renowned for its wild weather. It can be calm and sunny outside in the morning yet stormy and lightning by afternoon. In fact, the state is one of the most active locations in the country for lightning and rain storms.

Heavy storms can inflict devastation like hail damage, loose shingling, broken windows, and other damages on the church. You may be left with an expensive mess to clean up and for which to pay. You do not have to dip into the collection to pay the repair bills, however.

You can pay the deductible on the policy and make a claim on your insurance. The insurance can then pay for the clean up and repairs, sparing your congregation of taking on that additional expense.

This same approach can be used to pay for the aftermath of a fire or flood. These disasters are costly to deal with and devastating on your church’s budget. A comprehensive policy can step in and take over the billing aspect, allowing you to focus on restoring the beauty and comfort of the building itself.

Lawsuit Liability Coverage

Churches today find themselves the target of accusations and litigation from people who claim they were victimized by different types of abuse. While many of the claims are true, just as many are false and nothing more than an attempt to get money out of a church.

You can protect yourself, your congregation, and the church’s assets with lawsuit liability protection. The insurance company will assist in the litigation process and also pay out any damages ordered by the court or judge.

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