A look at VoIP coaching and conference calls

A look at VoIP coaching and conference calls

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a telephone system that brings some great advantages to business. Two of these standout features are conference calling and coaching.

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Conference calling

Conference calling has been used for many years now, but what VoIP offers customers is more control. Gone are the days of crossing your fingers and hoping that all members are connected and can hear one another – with VoIP you have no background or interference noise, as sound is turned into digital data, and the controls are much clearer. For instance, you can mute contacts with ease, employ ‘hand-raising’ features for discussions, and – perhaps more importantly – you can save your business time and money.

Bundles normally include office to office calling, meaning that most business conversations are made at no additional expense. This is very appealing if companies regularly carry out long telephone discussions. What’s more, mobile numbers are included alongside an array of video conference options. This is perfect for those who have colleagues in offices across the country, as it brings teams closer together.


Coaching is an important part of the learning process in any profession, and those who spend much of their time on the phone really benefit from real-time feedback as opposed to hearing advice after they have hung up. While most business telephone systems can record and monitor calls, it is far more beneficial for team members to learn as they go and to be guided through difficult calls live without the caller knowing.

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If this sounds like everything and more that you need to improve business communication, you can find a wholesale VOIP termination provider such as https://www.idtexpress.com to help install and set up these key features. If you are unsure about whether to switch to VoIP, an Entrepreneur article provides more information on the pros and cons of the system.

There are two principal coaching features: Whisper and Barge. The first, which is available on most VoIP systems, enables supervisors to communicate with employees during phone calls without interrupting the flow of the conversation. The latter, which causes no interruption, can alert the employee that the call is being listened to. This, in general, is used to ensure that employees are correctly following the relevant business protocols.

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