ChatBot eCommerce

ChatBot for eCommerce will be a new digital transformation element that will change the games and dynamics of ecommerce and the market. It is a few days since the release of the usual report, which is certainly useful for making the point on the e-commerce market, but which I take as a starting point to introduce the topic of ChatBot in eCommerce strategies. The report indicates how using ChatBot in

Retail sales growth is driven by rising clothing and food prices

Sales in the retail sector can be notoriously volatile, affected by the exchange rate, interest rates and levels of unemployment, to name a few. More recently, the Brexit vote has had an impact on both the value of the pound and the cost of imports and the knock-on effect has been to push up retail sales. Image Credit Retail sales in September 2017 According to the British Retail Consortium, total sales

Opening a Franchise

Opening a franchise is far from simple because this type of business based on proven concepts, marketed products and preset business systems is characterized by a series of risks that can be summarized in … The high costs of registration and start-up The need to hire employees immediately The monthly fees attached to reality itself The challenging objectives of sale The limited control of the business

HMPPS commits to rolling out body worn cameras

Her Majesty’s Prison and Parole Service, or HMPPS, provides the personnel who run and staff prisons and deal with parolees, as their name would suggest. Image Credit Their officers, therefore, work with high concentrations of dangerous or violent people day in and day out. Like many other government-funded institutions in the age of austerity, HMPPS have been fighting for funding, with regularly expressed concerns about officer safety. To help with

Hackers stage cryptocurrency attack

Major security vulnerabilities have been exposed in a new spate of attacks aimed at a variety of websites and organisations, with cybercriminals compromising vast computing resources so as to improve their own cryptocurrency mining capabilities. Image Credit Digital dilemma Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular and thus significantly more valuable in recent years, with Bitcoin leading the way and upstarts like Monero building upon their success. And in order to accrue

CRM or Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) usually refers to a whole range of commercial and communicative business activities that help improve relationships with customers and prospects. CRM’s good or bad we all know what it is, as we are more or less all agreed that with a well-defined strategy and the support of the most appropriate technology, making CRM can really make the difference in customer management.

Buying the Online Coverage You Need to Protect Your Place of Worship

As the pastor of your own church, you are entrusted with dozens of important tasks on any given day. Your proverbial flock looks to you to spend the tithing collection wisely, visit the sick and elderly, and carry out other ministerial duties. You are the church’s leader and protector in many ways. When it comes to protecting the church, both the building and the congregation, you may need additional help


Often, those who are questioning “How to become entrepreneurs” forget the crucial importance of the necessary change of mentality required of a person who after years of employment chooses to go into their own. Those who choose to make the big leap with the goal of winning are to drastically change their professional approach by modeling it according to the needs and responsibilities required by the new role.

HR, Social Media and The Importance Of Personal Branding

Put the right person in the right place, this is the goal that companies pursue and e-recruitment can be a valuable help in choosing. What Is It? E-recruitment is the recruitment and recruiting process of recruitment through the use of new digital tools to manage the entire selection process by simplifying procedures and speeding up the exchange of information. With e-recruitment, the search radius is expanded thanks to the great

Top tips to recruit successfully for safeguarding roles

Employers whose businesses involve caring for or providing services for children or vulnerable adults need to ensure that those groups are protected in their recruitment processes within a safeguarding policy. It is essential that such a recruitment policy includes checking potential employees’ criminal records. Image Credit Inform job applicants that a criminal records check will be required For certain roles, employers can apply, with the consent of the applicant, for