Five more things you didn’t know about Cyber Monday

Five more things you didn’t know about Cyber Monday

The few days surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a hotbed for unbelievable sales on clothes, toys, electricals, and almost anything else you can think of. Here are five more things you may not have known about Cyber Monday.

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The origin of Cyber Monday

In 2005, retailers began to notice that online sales increased dramatically on the Monday that followed Thanksgiving in the US. This led to the National Retail Federation coming up with the term ‘Cyber Monday’, which it has continued to be called to this day. Consumers often wait until this day to buy, knowing that there will be some offers that are too good to miss.

TV sales

Some of the biggest and best bargains are found on electrical products, with one of the most popular items being TVs. Cyber Monday gives shoppers the best opportunity to buy top-of-the-range TVs at a fraction of the tag price. With such great deals and many consumers keeping their eye out for an unbeatable bargain, it all depends on whether they can get them in their basket fast enough.

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Continuous increase in sales

Since the term was coined in 2005, Cyber Monday sales have continued to increase yearly. The latest estimate shows an increase of $100m (£78m) each year since the event began. Whilst the figures for 2018’s Black Friday event show another increase in sales, it also shows a decrease in spending, with shoppers buying more at an overall lower cost.

Home bargains

Many retailers offer their consumers heavily discounted prices when it comes to their goods. Those who retail in homeware are no different, with some online stores dropping prices by up to 60 per cent. With the increase in same day courier services from providers such as, consumers can benefit from receiving their items faster than ever.

Nothing stopping the shopping

Cyber Monday is not just for those who have free time to search for the unbeatable deals; in fact, a recent survey found that 95 per cent of working consumers still found time to do some retail therapy whilst at work. No doubt there will be many employees looking over their shoulder to make sure that the boss doesn’t catch them – if the boss isn’t busy searching the web for deals!

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