How to Find the Perfect Office Chair

How to Find the Perfect Office Chair

The average worker who has to sit at a desk throughout the day will spend around 1900 hours in their office chair over a year. This is a clear indication of how important it is to choose the right office chair.

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Asking office fit out companies to supply supportive, quality office chairs can also maximise worker efficiency and boost productivity. In contrast, a poor choice can often result in leg problems, back strain and carpal tunnel syndrome, which can lead to people having time off work and send productivity plummeting. Spending money on a good office chair, therefore, can be cash well spent.

Choosing an Office Chair

Concentrating on just the appearance of a chair is a major, but very common, mistake. In fact, the ergonomics of the chairs you choose should be of paramount importance.

When working with office fit out companies such as Mobiusatwork or taking a DIY approach to an office revamp, there are several factors you need to consider when choosing office chairs.

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Lumbar Support

The right office chair must have lower-back support and may even have adjustable lumbar support features to personalise the chair. This can help to prevent back strain, and more back care tips can be found at


Most office chairs will allow you to change the position of the arms and the height, but there are more important adjustments to be considered. Top-quality office chairs will let you make five adjustments, or even more. Some even have as many as 14.

You want to be able to adjust aspects such as arm height and width, lumbar support, seat back height, angle and width and tension control.

Picking the Base

The base you choose is also important. If workers need to move their chair on carpet, for example, you need wheels designed for this to ensure that strains don’t result from overstretching. Alternatively, you may need to look at a good swivel base to make movement and access to different areas of the desk as easy and stress-free as possible.

Fabric Options

The material the chair is made from is also important. You should aim for a breathable fabric which will stop the chair from feeling uncomfortable and hot, even if the user has been sitting in it for a long time.

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