How to find new customers? 4 simple basic strategies for acquiring customers

find new customers

How many times have you wondered how to find new customers for your business? Acquiring customers is one of the most complex operations of all, but with our 4 tips below, you can increase your chances of success and reach the goal more easily! Ready? Let’s start now!

Take advantage of the power of advertising

Whether it is television, radio, paper or digital campaigns, the result does not change: you pay to gain visibility and make yourself known to people potentially interested in your services. Choosing advertising implies the awareness of having to invest more or less substantial amounts for longer or shorter time frames, but even those who start from scratch manage rather small companies, have the possibility to opt for these solutions because, especially online, the budgets and cost limits to support them are set by the advertiser himself. Do you want to sponsor yourself through Facebook or Google AdWords? Set a daily budget and send your message directly to the target group of consumers.

Never forget then …

  • Talk to the non-customer person;
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition;
  • Choose the most important and unique value of your product and enhance it;
  • Incite the person to action!

find new customers

Tip on word of mouth

Since we are explaining to you how to find customers for your company, we absolutely have to make an important clarification: starting from the assumption that, even a single satisfied customer corresponds to a customer willing to you and ready to advise you to contacts (friends, acquaintances , colleagues, etc.), if you think your work can guarantee a good level of satisfaction, aim with great confidence on word of mouth: an extremely effective tool, able to simplify the search and the acquisition of new contacts to the maximum.

Of course, you will say, I can’t wait for others to take action to find new customers for my business. You are right! Word of mouth can be stimulated for example with events or special offers such as the classic “bring a friend”, group discounts can be very effective or still require satisfied customers to leave a review online … just have a little imagination the more sometimes!

Make network

Meetings, fairs, events: all absolutely profitable environments where to meet new people and forge relationships that allow you to be appreciated for what you really are worth. If you want to succeed in finding customers, you must first of all know how to put yourself in the game and attract the attention of others by showing self-confidence in the way of ports, professionalism and competence. How do you hope to be noticed by colleagues and consumers if you are always locked in the office? Exit, interact, relate to others and show everyone your true potential

Obviously the web can do its part in this too, participating in the right online discussions, attending the reference communities and using social networks can make the difference if done the right way!

Make strategic alliances

If at this point you are still wondering how to find new customers in a simple and immediate way, we want to advise you to take the road of strategic alliances with other realities similar to yours.

Do you manage a web agency specialized in creating and positioning websites but you can’t create apps for mobile devices? If you know other realities that are able to offer this kind of service, look for a way to start advantageous collaborations for both parties: they advise you for positioning, while you keep them in mind when you receive requests that you don’t know how to handle internally.

Or do you have a pizzeria and there is a small hotel nearby? Suggest that you make fresh bread every day for breakfast the next day. They earn in quality at a small price, you can ask in exchange for advertising or a convention for the customers!

In doing so, in addition to finding and acquiring customers without excessive effort, you can also join a winning coalition. On the other hand, as the saying goes, union is strength.

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