12 million new jobs created in India because of e-commerce

12 million new jobs created in India because of e-commerce

The onward march of digital adoption is creating marked growth across the world, with Apple now celebrating one billion sales of its legendary iPhone and associated industries flourishing, from manufacture through to e-commerce. Digital is now ubiquitous across the globe, and escalating!

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In India, this growth looks set to herald an incredible 12 million new jobs, in a nation where the population is young, increasingly educated and keen for the wage growth that this economic tiger is experiencing.

New opportunities

Opportunities are plentiful at each stage of the digital process. Manufacturing operations are doing well in India because of its relatively low operational and trading costs. Similarly, development is flourishing thanks to the skillsets of graduates available, website testing services are growing, customer support is a well-established industry, and innovation and startup is flourishing.  With so many new jobs being created in office environments there will be a huge need for new quality Operator Chairs from companies like Best Buy Office Chairs. The growth trend is also being supported by crowdsourced employment models, with firms looking at ways to open-source web development testing, both by employed flexible staff and also passionate digital users who simply want to have a say in how products are developed. One recent case study involved the call to gamers to test the new PS4 system.

Good news for rural economies

The news is particularly welcome for India’s rural communities, which also look set to benefit from the influx of digital over the coming decade, according to figures compiled by HSBC. The rise of online shopping in particular, looks set to create a whopping 20 million ‘gross’ jobs across a range of industries, including delivery and logistics (70pc), customer care, management and IT (30pc) and more. At the same time, physical retail may experience a drop, as bricks and mortar stores become less relevant, and customers migrate increasingly online.

However, the net effect, according to HSBC’s modelling, will be 12 million new jobs, offering fantastic prospects for the nation’s growth aspirations and economic development. India has long been associated with entrepreneurial spirit and technological prowess. Its government is considering ways to continue to stimulate inward investment in the country’s talented workforce, and much needed public investment in supporting infrastructure, to ensure that economic gains flow from the cities out to rural areas, and to broaden scope for foreign investment in manufacture, logistics, customer service and fulfilment operations.

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