Mobile Web Market: How it grows and what actions to take for your business?

Mobile Web Market

Talking about the growing smartphone, tablet, applications and mobile internet market is now saying something obvious.

But how much does this affect our business? And what is the best solution to take?

Data growing

Let’s start by saying that according to latest research – relating to the 2nd quarter of 2014 – there was a 42.9% increase in mobile data traffic compared to the previous period, which already brought a remarkable + 32.3% on the year before.

According to research, almost 60% of web connections are made via mobile. And the number is increasing strongly until reaching even higher values in the coming months.

How is the market moving?

The major electronics manufacturers are focusing most of their resources in the world of Mobile (smartphones and tablets) to close or sell in some cases their division related to the PC.

Smartphones with larger screens are being developed to meet people’s needs. The latest in terms of entry into the sector is Apple with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Sign that the average user prefers to use the smartphone (or Phablet as now are called those with large screens) and navigate from Mobile.

Mobile Web Market
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What is the preferred way to browse?

According to the research, 59% of the total (PC + Mobile) use of the Internet is through a mobile device and specifically, 85.9% of those who have a smartphone or tablet in hand prefer to browse through the APP.

What is the search for the average browser that navigates with the smartphone?

The 92% look for local information and 84% takes action accordingly as call, book a service or access to the local activities.

This means that 9 out of 10 people on the move are looking for a restaurant, a hotel, a bar, a shop, a gym, a beautician or tourist information, associations, professional studios, schools, local events, etc.

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How important is having an APP and a mobile ad hoc website for smartphones for those with a local business?

According to these numbers and how the market evolves, the answer is obvious. Having an app and an ad hoc mobile site is necessary to adapt to the market and have a suitable offer to our customers.

But paying attention …

Yesterday the websites. Today the APP. But of quality!

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Today the difference is made only by websites and apps that offer content and functions that arouse interest in customers.

Having a quality website means, for example, giving the customer the opportunity to easily get what he is looking for.

In the case of a mobile site ad hoc for smartphones it is important to quickly offer the contents that the user needs at that time, such as the phone, the map, their services in a nutshell. It must be all intuitive and easy to use.

The APPLICATIONS? They have a different function than the site because they have to be downloaded to be used. And how to do it? We must encourage the customer to install the app on their smartphone thanks to added values that it can guarantee. They are not very useful and therefore not appealing to customers if they only offer information such as contacts or little more.

Mobile Web Market
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Where does the business go? How to create added value?

After so many numbers, it is perhaps better to draw conclusions and understand where the market is going and what strategy should be developed for your business.

The market is decidedly mobile-oriented. More and more people prefer to access the web through a small and light tool lying on the couch or walking on the street rather than using a PC. And what do they expect? To get quickly and easily what they need.

What is the added value?

The added value thus becomes the opportunity to offer customers and potentials the opportunity to easily interact with the activity and get in touch quickly, buy a product, book a service or get benefits (discounts, prizes, gifts).

What to do?

The largest companies are focusing a lot on ad hoc content for smartphones and have differentiated their sites with a desktop version (PC) and a mobile (smartphone and tablet). Furthermore, almost all of them have the APP to interact with their customers.

The strategy remains the same for professionals, institutions, shops or small businesses. The APP offers many opportunities to create a new marketing concept, but only if they have the right tools to encourage their public to download and use them to their advantage.

And in your opinion what are the actions to be taken to restart the SME market and local businesses?

Let us know with your comments.

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