Are Organisations Ready to Bring their Workers Back to the Office?

Are Organisations Ready to Bring their Workers Back to the Office?

With the peak of the Coronavirus crisis apparently having passed, companies are now considering whether it’s safe to bring staff back into the office. It seems like home working may well be here for the long term, but it’s also clear that companies will need to retain some office spaces for in-person client meetings.

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Companies currently face lots of uncertainty due to a lack of clarity surrounding the home working. Here’s why it’s important to think about a future involving both offices and home working.

A New Era for Home Working?

With big companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google asking their employees to work from home until at least 2021, it looks like home working could be here to stay. Home working was introduced very suddenly, and some people have been struggling to adjust to working somewhere other than an office environment. There are some items you can invest in that will help working from home feel like less of a struggle.

1. Correct Seating

When you start a new office job, one of the first things employers will do is carry out an assessment to check you’re correctly seated. Working at the kitchen table doesn’t mean you have to sit on the kitchen chair all day. Investing in comfortable reception chairs can help to keep potential future back problems at bay. When you’re sitting comfortably, you’ll find it much easier to concentrate on your job.

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2. A Desk

With working from home having been introduced at such short notice, lots of people have found themselves working at their kitchen tables. Sick of having to move your laptop every time you want to eat? Invest in a dedicated desk that you can use for work each day.

How Best to Use Your Office Space

While home-based working can be beneficial a lot of the time, lockdown has revealed that a lot of situations really do require meeting colleagues and clients face-to-face. The appearance of a company’s office can have a big impact on how a client perceives you. Companies should consider investing in new reception chairs, meeting tables and a fresh coat of paint to make themselves appear as up-to-date and appealing to clients as possible.

Time will tell what the future of office work will be, but investing in the correct office equipment will always be beneficial.

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