Bishop Arthur

business idea

The desire to start a business starts with a small idea that is formed in our head. The problem is that we do not know if that idea is good enough to make the jump and start our own business and that, not all ideas are good when you study them more thoroughly. Have you been frustrated because you constantly have innovative business ideas but do not know how good

financial intelligence

Today I want to talk to you about an important topic. I want to talk to you about Financial Intelligence, a concept that perhaps many people escape or even never heard. Do you know what financial intelligence is? And no, it’s not about being a millionaire, but rather, this kind of intelligence, should be part of the essence of a good leader, a good entrepreneur or a good entrepreneur.

Vanilla options

Have you ever heard of the Vanilla options? This is a very popular tool especially by investors who wish to speculate, even if – in fact – their use could be well used even for hedging purposes and, therefore, for those who want to cover some specific risk. Attention, in fact, not to confuse the term “options” with “binary options”: the Vanilla options are not a sub-category of binary options,

successful business plan

You have started your business or are about to launch your start-up. You have clear ideas, not all but almost. You have studied the market and the product you want to launch; you have planned your business; you have identified your partners, suppliers and potential customers. Now comes the hardest part. You need capital! We need to find a person who believes in your business idea. You tried with the


Recruitment is one of the most important events, where every wrong step can turn into a disaster for a small business owner. Year after year, entrepreneurs make the same mistakes in recruiting, which subsequently lead to serious trouble. What are these mistakes and how to avoid them? We will talk about this today.

starting a business

When starting a business with several founders, you need to not only discuss the strategy of conducting and promoting your business, but also some legal issues that will help to avoid conflicts in the future. Rather, it is not so much to avoid as to reveal them at an early stage and to develop an algorithm of actions for their quick and relatively painless resolution. Many lawyers will say that


Fear can inhibit or exert a strong motivational drive: the study conducted by the University of Harvard which identifies 4 strategies to positively exploit their fears In the path to become entrepreneurs the fear of failure naturally becomes an inseparable companion. There are many fears, from losing the most important customers to running out of capital. For an entrepreneur, courage does not correspond to the absence of fear, but to

Turn Dreams Into Reality

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur can remain a dream, if you do not start to act actively. But we always need some kind of impetus, a preparation moment, and an intermediate state that will allow us to go on with the pleasure, painlessly and fairly productively to the next stage – the beginning of the path along the path of entrepreneurship.

Effective Call To Action

Call to action (CTA) or a call to action is a powerful tool for your SMS messages, which is the basis for selling via SMS marketing. With the help of a well-designed call-to-action, you can influence the subconscious mind of both the potential buyer and the regular customer, and cause them the desire to make the necessary conversion actions for you. An effective call to action can significantly increase the


Entrepreneurs often feel that in the week there are not enough working days, and in the hours of hours in order to fulfill all the current tasks. After all, there are so many of them and they are quite diverse, so that you can do everything in one flow, easily switching between affairs. The output is delegation. Even if you are a shaman, a reaper and a dude at your