Bishop Arthur

One to One Marketing

The one-to-one marketing comes in the context of relationship marketing, on the simple idea of treating different customers differently. A company decides to develop a one-to-one marketing program because it recognizes in the strength or weakness of the relationships with the individual customer the determining factor for a lasting profitability and success. The most forward-looking companies have always encouraged the active participation of customers, involving them in the development of products, services and new possible

warehouse management system

Selling online means having available goods that need to be quickly transferred from your warehouse to the customer who buys. But before shipment, the goods must be ordered, cataloged, registered, allocated. They are to be followed during the shipment, but they must also be re-ordered to the supplier, managed the availability, the minimum stocks, the sales priorities. The development and growth of online sales also passes (often passes first of all) through the orderly management of goods. The warehouse management systems are

Common Trader Errors

In the course of trading activities, as in life, only those who do nothing do not make mistakes. Correctly mistakes of a trader help them to improve and make correct conclusions about their trading strategy. They can be different – both the mistakes of a novice trader and an experienced participant in currency trading. However, there are those “rakes” for which a large number of players are coming, and it

stop being afraid of your dreams

How to start going to your dream, even if it frightens you? Everyone is afraid to start something new because they do not understand what will come of it; relatives can not understand them, they can lose their jobs. Every time you change something, you feel fear. So let’s talk about how to make sure that you did not frighten you your new way to a dream, but rather supported and pushed you forward.

simplify your online life

By now it has become a drug for many people. They can not stay longer without the Internet, and in those moments when you’re not connected you feel like a smoker without packet of cigarettes. For an Internet Marketer it could also be even worse if you’re used to living half your day on the net … Whether for work or for our social life, the internet has become a fundamental part of our

Are you an entrepreneur ICT? Find out by answering this simple test

They are everywhere and sometimes do not know if we can consider ourselves an ICT entrepreneur. To solve this easily, we have set to work developing this simple questionnaire. The operation of this little test is simple: so you just have to go answer the following 15 questions with a YES or a NO; Needless to say, that if you do not know what a word means directly answer a

When the customer left a robot?

We have made a purchase over the Internet and we are pleased with the whole process. But when the crucial moment arrives: delivery does not occur. The motives? We found ourselves not in our home, or the dealer failed to find the address. Our only option by the online store is a cold email, which refers to the page delivery company. A 902 and a robot. Toc, toc, forgiveness am

The learning curve, the key to the acceptance of changes in the company

The mantra repeated as many times “if it works do not touch” often leads to stagnation in the company. This assumes that there is reticence to change, especially because although our tools malfunction and we feel comfortable working with them. We know the tricks, the virtues and defects. This does not happen with the new programs, so the learning curve is key to the acceptance of changes in the company.