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SMMT Reveals Big Rise in New Car Registrations in August 2018

Statistics published by the Society if Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that the number of new UK car registrations has risen sharply when compared to the previous year. Image Credit Rise from 2017 The study compared car registrations from August 2017 and found that whilst there were 76,433 new sales in August last year, the stats for August 2018 show an evidential increase of 23.1% with 94,094 new registrations.

Six Steps for Effective Contract Management

Modern Platform Will Provide Benefits Having a sound contact management plan in place means that the team will be able to efficiently manage risk and provide more value to your business. Image Credit Companies implement a variety of different processes to manage the negotiation, performance and termination of contracts with other parties, including vendors, customers, contractors and distributors. A modern contract management platform will provide a range of benefits for

Four things to do before your tenants go on holiday

If your tenants are going away on holiday, it is the perfect time to make sure that everything is in order with your property. From necessary paperwork to potential repairs, your tenants holiday can provide a great opportunity to check in. Here’s what you should do before your tenants go away. Image Credit Ensure that everything is switched off Before they go, you may want to serve a friendly reminder

Five Ways to Protect Yourself Online

There are hidden dangers everywhere on the internet these days with cyber criminals attempting to gain access to valuable data from large corporations and the everyday user. From spam to scams and phishing to smishing, it’s a minefield. Headline security breaches go viral and have an enormous impact on brands, reputations and revenues, and scores of people are employed to manage prevention, detection and incidents. But what about you? You’ve

What are the different types and uses of pneumatic conveyors?

Your pneumatic conveying system should do three things – be hygienic, effective and meet the unique needs of your application. But how do you decide on the best system for the job? Image Credit What are the different types of pneumatic conveyors? Pneumatic conveyors can be either vacuum or pressure systems, using either dense phase or dilute phase technology to convey material from one place to another. Dense phase systems

What Is the WMCA Land Remediation Fund?

The West Midlands Combined Area has set aside £50 million to facilitate the regeneration of contaminated land in order that it may be used as sites for housing and for commercial development. This money, the Land Remediation Fund, has been secured from the government as part of the devolution deal for the West Midlands and is managed by Finance Birmingham. Image Credit Development in the West Midlands Combined Authority Area

stop being afraid of your dreams

How to start going to your dream, even if it frightens you? Everyone is afraid to start something new because they do not understand what will come of it; relatives can not understand them, they can lose their jobs. Every time you change something, you feel fear. So let’s talk about how to make sure that you did not frighten you your new way to a dream, but rather supported and pushed you forward.

5 Reasons to Add a Live Chat Facility to Your Business Website

Live chat is becoming more and more prevalent across a range of business websites as retailers and service providers start to realise the benefits it can provide. Here are five of the most prominent reasons why you should consider adding a live chat facility to your site. Increased Availability Live chat can be used to cover times when your call centre might be unavailable. Indeed, some service providers offer twenty-four-hour

Why Your Business Needs A Courier Service

As a business owner, you’ll have a lot of things on your plate. From branding, website design, recruitment and advertising to logistics, payroll and production. You’ll want to streamline your processes for maximum efficiency and to keep down costs. Part of this means finding a courier service to compliment your business and work alongside you to please your customers. Image credit Finding a reputable courier helps you to: Keep Focus

A look at VoIP coaching and conference calls

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a telephone system that brings some great advantages to business. Two of these standout features are conference calling and coaching. Image Credit Conference calling Conference calling has been used for many years now, but what VoIP offers customers is more control. Gone are the days of crossing your fingers and hoping that all members are connected and can hear one another – with