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12 million new jobs created in India because of e-commerce

The onward march of digital adoption is creating marked growth across the world, with Apple now celebrating one billion sales of its legendary iPhone and associated industries flourishing, from manufacture through to e-commerce. Digital is now ubiquitous across the globe, and escalating! Image Credit In India, this growth looks set to herald an incredible 12 million new jobs, in a nation where the population is young, increasingly educated and keen

Food business M&S changes tack

British food retailing is changing. While the large supermarkets still have a significant share of the market, discount retailers as well as convenience food stores have started taking market share. Despite this, Marks and Spencer recently took the decision to slow down expansion of its Simply Food outlets. Here we look at why, and at how our shopping habits are changing. Image Credit According to the Guardian, the UK food

Use your website to increase sales figures

A well-designed website is an important part of any modern business strategy, but there’s more to a good digital marketing strategy than a great-looking site. Make sure you’re getting the best results by incorporating some of our top tips into your site, and see how your profits increase. Image Credit Promote one product According to Entrepreneur, a sure-fire way of increasing sales is by featuring just one products on your

Traveling on business

5 Tips for Productivity during the business trip. We suggests you how to travel efficiently and productively for work. In order for travel to work to guarantee the maximum level of desirable productivity, it is necessary to put oneself in the right condition to be able to face the various tasks in the best possible way, managing them appropriately despite the inconveniences and the problems deriving from being off-site.

Surprising Benefits That Accountants Can Offer

Hiring an accountant? As we explain here, they can do much more than your tax return. Image Credit 1. Accountability Accountants can issue reminders about your goals, your to-do list and your deadlines, saving you stress and fuss. 2. End Procrastination Often we lack confidence and so put things off. An accountant will know which receipts and networking events could be taken off your tax bill. 3. Grow Your Business

Bricks and mortar: what is the buying alternative?

The latest construction headlines hitting the UK say it all: there is a brick shortage coming. This may mean that if you plan to buy a new build house you may have to put that plan on hold. There is a very traditional process for buying a property built on bricks. It is a legal process that involves a conveyancer and a survey carried out. The conveyancer changes the owners

Business Plan

We asked science for help in defining in more detail the strategic role of the business plan in the growth and development process of a company. When you are about to start a new business, is it better to take the time to develop a business plan or throw yourself headlong into the new business by facing what happens as new opportunities arise, problems, or changes in general? It is

earn more

You have reached stability, you pay expenses and taxes without too many sacrifices but you are not enough and you want to start earning more money? Here are 10 tips for you … The first goal when starting a business is to get to that point where you can consider yourself “placed”. In short, your liquidity is stable, you can pay expenses and taxes without great sacrifices, and everything goes

Top 3 Family Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

It’s a great time to buy real estate in Ottawa. While the demand is high, the prices are remaining relatively steady. Of course, that could change in the future, but if you act quickly, you can buy one of the Ottawa houses for sale at a good price. Before you take the plunge, though, you need to know the best neighbourhoods for families. Then, you can move your entire family