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HMPPS commits to rolling out body worn cameras

Her Majesty’s Prison and Parole Service, or HMPPS, provides the personnel who run and staff prisons and deal with parolees, as their name would suggest. Image Credit Their officers, therefore, work with high concentrations of dangerous or violent people day in and day out. Like many other government-funded institutions in the age of austerity, HMPPS have been fighting for funding, with regularly expressed concerns about officer safety. To help with

Hackers stage cryptocurrency attack

Major security vulnerabilities have been exposed in a new spate of attacks aimed at a variety of websites and organisations, with cybercriminals compromising vast computing resources so as to improve their own cryptocurrency mining capabilities. Image Credit Digital dilemma Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular and thus significantly more valuable in recent years, with Bitcoin leading the way and upstarts like Monero building upon their success. And in order to accrue

Buying the Online Coverage You Need to Protect Your Place of Worship

As the pastor of your own church, you are entrusted with dozens of important tasks on any given day. Your proverbial flock looks to you to spend the tithing collection wisely, visit the sick and elderly, and carry out other ministerial duties. You are the church’s leader and protector in many ways. When it comes to protecting the church, both the building and the congregation, you may need additional help

Why your work desk needs a bullet journal

For busy people trying to organise their lives, a journal or planner is essential. To save time and remember everything in one place, a bullet journal is a perfect solution to the organisational nightmare that is modern living. Surprisingly, this method is old-fashioned. Here’s some more information about the bullet journal that will hopefully change the way you plan. Image Credit What are bullet journals? They are paper-based journals that

HR, Social Media and The Importance Of Personal Branding

Put the right person in the right place, this is the goal that companies pursue and e-recruitment can be a valuable help in choosing. What Is It? E-recruitment is the recruitment and recruiting process of recruitment through the use of new digital tools to manage the entire selection process by simplifying procedures and speeding up the exchange of information. With e-recruitment, the search radius is expanded thanks to the great

Top tips to recruit successfully for safeguarding roles

Employers whose businesses involve caring for or providing services for children or vulnerable adults need to ensure that those groups are protected in their recruitment processes within a safeguarding policy. It is essential that such a recruitment policy includes checking potential employees’ criminal records. Image Credit Inform job applicants that a criminal records check will be required For certain roles, employers can apply, with the consent of the applicant, for

Bitcoin-Accepting Websites Could Be Inviting in Security Risks

According to recent research from Princeton University, websites that accept Bitcoin transactions are increasingly susceptible to security breaches. Image Credit What Is Bitcoin? As you may or may not know, Bitcoin is a predominantly digital currency that can be used to pay for various goods or services. Special wallets or online service software are needed to enable users to trade. The Bitcoin payment network has no central authority and is

Seven signs you need to better optimise your website for SEO

Most businesses have a website; however, some of these websites do not benefit the business. This is because they are not optimised for SEO, meaning that the website ranks low on search engine results pages and most users do not see it. Image Credit If you want to get better results from your website, it is likely that you need an SEO boost. Here are seven signs you need to

What you need to know about web design as a business owner

Think of your website as your shop. The key to success is offering a user friendly design. Your design mantra is three-fold: attract, retain and convert. Image Credit Giving competitors your business? Today’s competitive online market is saturated with websites that are similar to yours. If your visitors cannot find what they’re looking for on your site, they’ll easily find it somewhere else. Give your users a clean, uncluttered landing

sales funnel

The phrase “sales funnel” often flashes in business publications and various reports. On an intuitive level, the meaning of this concept is clear enough, but, as I already wrote, a businessman should have a firm grasp of the basic terms in the field of economics. So let’s make a small educational program.