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sales funnel

The phrase “sales funnel” often flashes in business publications and various reports. On an intuitive level, the meaning of this concept is clear enough, but, as I already wrote, a businessman should have a firm grasp of the basic terms in the field of economics. So let’s make a small educational program.

Web analytic tools

If you’ve got a head for design, love being creative and know your way around a computer then web design could be the career for you. Web designers create the visual content that you see on a website. This includes the colours, font, layout and formatting for example. When you think just how many millions of websites there are, you can see that there will always be a need for

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is more profitable and less expensive than new customers! 5 Simple but effective ways to get it back … Are you looking for targeted strategies that allow you to embrace a business policy focused on customer loyalty? Here are 5 effective solutions to take into account to keep your acquired customers tight …

Things to consider before buying a tensile fabric structure

Tensile fabric structures have grown in popularity in recent years, where their practicality and durability makes them ideal for residential, commercial or industrial use. If you’re thinking of reaping the many benefits that this fabric structure brings, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. Image Credit Material strength When buying tensile fabric structures, choose with quality and durability in mind. It’s essential the structure is made

Special considerations for outdoor events

Outdoor events can be excellent fun, whether it’s a village fete, a music festival or a family party, there are lots of things to consider to make the event a success. Image Credit Venue Obviously, the first consideration is the venue. Make sure you have the amenities that your guests will need, for example, access to indoor restrooms and washing areas. Parking has to be considered along with such things

10 years of corporate events at The O2

A well-known London entertainment venue, The O2 has also hosted more than 100 corporate events in its main arena over the last decade. As it reaches its 10-year milestone, we look at how the dome-shaped venue has provided businesses across the country with a platform to encourage team-building events for their workforces. Image Credit  Why do businesses choose The O2 as a corporate events venue? The O2 arena is the

Finding Inspiration in Religious Architectural Designs

Designing and building a structure that will be used for religious purposes calls for a level of artistic inspiration that you may not find with many contemporary buildings. While today’s newest buildings may be pleasing to look at and expansive in their dimensions, they may not be adequate to meet the high standards of ecclesiastical clientele. With that, when you are tasked with choosing an architectural design for a house

The UK's Most Desired Property Types

If you were able to pick your perfect house style, which of the varied architectural styles in the UK would you opt for? Perhaps you yearn to live in a charming Victorian cottage or terrace or maybe an Edwardian manor house. This question has now been answered by a recent survey that has revealed that the number one home on our property shopping list is a Georgian detached property. Image

Car finance customers face mortgage-style affordability checks

Financial experts and regulators are concerned about the possibility of another 2008-style financial crisis, fuelled not by mortgages but by non-performing car finance agreements. Image Credit The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently expressed concerns over household debt rising by 10.9 per cent year-on-year, similar to the state of affairs prior to the last financial crisis. The FCA believes this is fuelled in no small part by increases in the

Freeview Play Passes One Million Sales

You may have heard of the digital TV service Freeview, which has taken the nation by storm since its launch back in 2002. If not, where in the world have you been? Built into most new TVs and offered via a set-top box for those wishing to use it, Freeview Play offers all your favourite channels in one handy package – not only the free channels from the original package