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Why brands are publishing more than ever on Facebook?

Social networks have become a critical part of the communication strategy of companies but also in a part that creates certain problems. Facebook was a sort of juju at first, a space in which brands had a potential audience of millions of people and which reached massive amounts of them. Companies only had to open a page to quickly connect with the audience and start posting messages on a regular

Tips for credit card processing

A first step in processing credit card is a big step for many companies. Customers spend more when using credit cards instead of paying in cash, according to the Council merchant, but the ability to accept credit card payments brings increased responsibility in your company. Processing credit card successfully requires a solid understanding of what will play accepting credit cards role in your business, how they are evaluated and how

Guerrilla marketing

For those unfamiliar with this strategy, this may be the best tool today from your company to publicize more shocking and at lower price. Hence of this strategy is ideal for SMEs as it is based on creativity and not on investment to achieve objectives. The guerrilla marketing or also known as BTL is based on a set of strategies undertaken in unconventional media and achieve their goal thanks to

5 Things You Should Know About Private College Scholarships

There is a lot to think about when you start applying for colleges, as well as for scholarships. Just knowing how to fill out your applications requires a decent amount of research, but knowing the difference between what will be expected of you at a private school, versus what will be expected from you at a public school is an important distinction to make. If you don’t go the extra

The Most Common Myths About Financial Aid

Paying for college is a dilemma many students in America face. It’s a growing problem, especially with the down economy. If your family was offset by the 2008 economic downfall, then you know all too well the reality of not being able to afford college tuition. This is also why the federal government funds nearly $150 billion worth of student loans annually. Financial aid is a way out for many

Smart Money Moves for College Students

Just because you’re a college student, it doesn’t mean you need to make all the same mistakes as most college students. This is especially the case when it comes to the financial mistakes that most coeds make. These are all easily avoidable if you know what you’re doing, but it all takes a little bit of forethought and wherewithal. You have to know how to manage your money, how to

Should Parents Help Pay for College?

It’s a question many parents are asking themselves – should I pay for my children to attend Washington State University? The answer comes down to a number of factors. There’s no cookie cutter answer, so it comes down to a number of factors. Most parents choose to cosign a federal loan, while others scrape up every little bit of cash they have left over and stash it away into a

Learning to Invest in College

Some people wait until they are in their forties or fifties to start investing their money, but by then it’s often too late to see any great change in the amount of money you have saved up. The truth is that the best way to really see a return on your investments, no matter what they may be, is to invest for a long period of time. That’s why a

How to Save Money on College Textbooks

Textbooks. You’re going to need a lot of them over the course of four years. Do you have any idea how much those are going to cost you?? Here’s a figure that will probably make you blanch; the average undergrad student will spend over $1,500 a year on books. The major you choose could increase that figure as some of the more common ones such as economics and chemistry can

How to Save Money as a New College Student

When you’re a college student money can be tight. Finding ways to save a few bucks here and there might be the difference between a real dinner or another night of ramen noodles on the couch. Learning to live on a budget can be challenging but identifying where you spend too much each month can help you afford everything you want and need. It might take a little sacrifice and