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email marketing

How to do email marketing? Where to start to send the first newsletter? The 8 tips to get started! Are you wondering how to do email marketing to get the attention of as many users as possible? Do you want to reach new potential customers through e-mail, but don’t know how to approach your audience? Read our 8 valid email marketing tips below that will allow you to relate to

Customer management

Proper customer management is essential to retaining its target audience. Here are 6 tips that can help you establish a lasting professional relationship with customers In terms of customer management, what to do and how to behave in order to establish long-lasting professional relationships with the public? Here are 6 practical tips to implement to achieve the goal without problems: effective suggestions that, if followed to the letter, can bring


Professionals are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity in the workplace. Multitasking, however, seems to be the wrong way: let’s debunk some myths about it To be or not to be multitasking to increase productivity? This is the dilemma of many professionals, but certainly not the science that, on the basis of several studies, explains how harmful it is at a professional level to do more things at

business plan failure

A fundamental element for the start-up and growth of a company, the business plan must be studied in detail: here is a list of errors that can cause it to fail.  An effective and artfully designed business plan is the foundation stone for the future of your business. However, if your business plan has gaps or errors, they will ultimately affect the management of your business. The business plan should

Businesses to Start at Home

We have always thought that to start a business requires a large capital and a lot of time available. And although this premise has some truth, the good news is that there are excellent low-investment business alternatives that you can start quickly and with low budget. If you are looking for something that you can undertake without neglecting your important activities such as family, university or doing it part-time and

successful business plan

You have started your business or are about to launch your start-up. You have clear ideas, not all but almost. You have studied the market and the product you want to launch; you have planned your business; you have identified your partners, suppliers and potential customers. Now comes the hardest part. You need capital! We need to find a person who believes in your business idea. You tried with the


Recruitment is one of the most important events, where every wrong step can turn into a disaster for a small business owner. Year after year, entrepreneurs make the same mistakes in recruiting, which subsequently lead to serious trouble. What are these mistakes and how to avoid them? We will talk about this today.

starting a business

When starting a business with several founders, you need to not only discuss the strategy of conducting and promoting your business, but also some legal issues that will help to avoid conflicts in the future. Rather, it is not so much to avoid as to reveal them at an early stage and to develop an algorithm of actions for their quick and relatively painless resolution. Many lawyers will say that

Effective Call To Action

Call to action (CTA) or a call to action is a powerful tool for your SMS messages, which is the basis for selling via SMS marketing. With the help of a well-designed call-to-action, you can influence the subconscious mind of both the potential buyer and the regular customer, and cause them the desire to make the necessary conversion actions for you. An effective call to action can significantly increase the