Business strategies


A simple way to become entrepreneurs is the network marketing, or multi-level marketing. It is a system based on the purchase of products / services of which we in our turn we become sellers recruiting other sellers to gain through them. Unfortunately, this phenomenon does not enjoy the fame they deserve because, unfortunately, has been associated with events and not always transparent situations that have actually damaged the reputation of

Inbound Marketing vs Content Marketing

What is the difference between the two concepts? Today there are a lot of marketing types, so I understand that your ideas are a bit ‘confused. With the growth of the digital market and the spread of digital professions, the situation does not improve then certainly. Then, first of all it must be said that, as the two concepts are closely linked to each other, in reality do not coincide. Indeed, we


How to plan a strategy for social media marketing for your E-commerce? A Guide in 3 Steps to Starting aware… Before you begin, note that… Social networking and social media marketing for e-commerce represent a potential additional source of revenue. Thanks to the storytelling, you can build your reputation and develop a brand identity, enhancing your products. Adapts the content of your e-shop based on the social networks used: games-contest,

Open an activity

3 Things that Warren would have liked to know before you start a business and to enter the list of successful companies… You are about to open a business and looking for an efficient system that allows you to indent as soon as your start up within the category of successful companies? Here are three valuable suggestions provided directly by Warren Cassell Jr. (16 year old young entrepreneur of Montserrat in the Caribbean). Although


The business plan is vital for proper business management. If developed poorly, it can be a source of problems: Here are 5 classic mistakes to avoid being drafted … What are the fatal mistakes made during the making of a business plan? Let’s find out right away with analyzing step by step the five following points: more or less frequent mistakes to recognize and avoid before causing the company problems.


The market of mobile application is in constant ferment and evolution: every day they are baked in the hundreds, published by users on various Apple Store, Android Market and the like. It follows that the competition in this sector gradually becomes increasingly fierce and it is certainly not easy to stand out compared to its competitors. The two main distinguishing factors on which to build brand identity are certainly the


How to get a good inventory management to improve the quality of services offered by maximizing the performance of the entire activity? Inventory management: The problems most widespread Before answering this question, it should be stressed because (regardless of the type of managed assets) all deposits tend to always have the same management issues and organizational… Goods placed without considering the correct storage procedures (lack of order generates rising costs and waste of space, slowness in movement


Former president of Google Enterprise Apps explains how to make important decisions efficiently to increase the responsiveness of your company in the face of new challenges. When and how to take an important decision on a professional level? To answer this question immediately we report the valuable suggestions published in Quartz by the founder and CEO of Upstart and former president of Google Enterprise Apps, Dave Girouard: practical tips to maximize performance and improve the Company’s performance.

Telephone Sales

In a commercial context, how to exploit advantage of the telephone sales techniques to be heard by the people in the company really matter? We respond immediately to this question by listing the valuable tips to put into practice every time you contact someone to offer him something: specially designed tips to stimulate the attention of the interlocutor, and maximize the effectiveness of the calls! According to the direct selling techniques, the first


Strategies and tips for a successful business meeting. The sales techniques borrowed from a romantic date. Because the professional appointments and those sentimental have common aims the establishment of new relationships, it is clear what the facts are similar because, although they represent two different approaches, are uniquely focused on a kind of real courtship , attracting face the person for whom you interest test (the prospective client or the person who may become future partners).