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Ted Gross, founder of Idealab, identifies and places the variables that lead to the success of any business in order of importance. Let’s scroll together and analyze its ranking Founder of Idealab, an incubator of projects, ideas and business, Gross has been able to observe and document the fate of hundreds of startups and companies, drawing a series of conclusions on what are the most determining factors for the success

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The desire to start a business starts with a small idea that is formed in our head. The problem is that we do not know if that idea is good enough to make the jump and start our own business and that, not all ideas are good when you study them more thoroughly. Have you been frustrated because you constantly have innovative business ideas but do not know how good


Fear can inhibit or exert a strong motivational drive: the study conducted by the University of Harvard which identifies 4 strategies to positively exploit their fears In the path to become entrepreneurs the fear of failure naturally becomes an inseparable companion. There are many fears, from losing the most important customers to running out of capital. For an entrepreneur, courage does not correspond to the absence of fear, but to

Turn Dreams Into Reality

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur can remain a dream, if you do not start to act actively. But we always need some kind of impetus, a preparation moment, and an intermediate state that will allow us to go on with the pleasure, painlessly and fairly productively to the next stage – the beginning of the path along the path of entrepreneurship.


“How do you name the boat, so it will float …”, – was sung in one famous song. And it was absolutely right. The name of the company is one of the components of its success. You may feel that your business name is modern, fresh and says a lot about it. That’s just not the fact that it says things are positive, and not a fact that helps business

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What does a novice entrepreneur and an independent contractor have in common? Do not think, we will answer: the need to make yourself attractive and promising in the eyes of customers. In a very short period of time, you must instill in them the belief that they are able to solve their problem as effectively as possible through their products or services. And for this you need to present yourself

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Finally decided to become an entrepreneur? Congratulations! The beginning of the year is a great time to stop being a hired employee and become yourself a boss. It all starts with an idea. And if you are still at the crossroads, we advise you to pay attention to the sport and everything connected with it. After all, a healthy lifestyle has always been in vogue, and in the last few

Entrepreneurs Common Mistakes

Career entrepreneurs are not for everyone. In addition to possessing certain skills, the entrepreneur must also be endowed with the ability to make critical judgments. And still be able to learn from the mistakes of others (the most difficult, because it’s very difficult for us to draw conclusions from other failures, because “it happens with anyone, but not with me”).


In the modern world, anyone can become an entrepreneur, and excuses do not work here, because the Internet provides a chasm of opportunities, both informational and financial. So even if you have a very modest budget, you have a chance to start your own business. And here are some tips from our resource, how it can be done.