warehouse management system

Selling online means having available goods that need to be quickly transferred from your warehouse to the customer who buys. But before shipment, the goods must be ordered, cataloged, registered, allocated. They are to be followed during the shipment, but they must also be re-ordered to the supplier, managed the availability, the minimum stocks, the sales priorities. The development and growth of online sales also passes (often passes first of all) through the orderly management of goods. The warehouse management systems are

Risk Management

Working on a digital project, you always take risks. At a minimum – not meet the deadlines and budget. Sooner or later the risk will work, and you have a choice how to live with this information: to ignore and hope that you will arrive at a minimum, or take risks under the bridle and start managing them. Risk management is the adoption and implementation of solutions that reduce the

company growth

The fact that it is necessary to struggle with bottlenecks is an indisputable fact. Every manager tries to do everything possible to eliminate the problems of the company and bring it to financial haste. But he tries to do it often, as he himself understands. Although the world has long been successful systems and techniques that help effectively cope with the problem, to lead your company to growth. Even the

ChatBot eCommerce

ChatBot for eCommerce will be a new digital transformation element that will change the games and dynamics of ecommerce and the market. It is a few days since the release of the usual report, which is certainly useful for making the point on the e-commerce market, but which I take as a starting point to introduce the topic of ChatBot in eCommerce strategies. The report indicates how using ChatBot in

Opening a Franchise

Opening a franchise is far from simple because this type of business based on proven concepts, marketed products and preset business systems is characterized by a series of risks that can be summarized in … The high costs of registration and start-up The need to hire employees immediately The monthly fees attached to reality itself The challenging objectives of sale The limited control of the business

CRM or Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) usually refers to a whole range of commercial and communicative business activities that help improve relationships with customers and prospects. CRM’s good or bad we all know what it is, as we are more or less all agreed that with a well-defined strategy and the support of the most appropriate technology, making CRM can really make the difference in customer management.


Often, those who are questioning “How to become entrepreneurs” forget the crucial importance of the necessary change of mentality required of a person who after years of employment chooses to go into their own. Those who choose to make the big leap with the goal of winning are to drastically change their professional approach by modeling it according to the needs and responsibilities required by the new role.

Business Management

Always looking for new ways to grow your business? Going back to the basics of business management you can find out that we have forgotten a road! Business management is not a mere management of the existing one, but it must always push towards solutions to be implemented everyday to embrace so-called enterprise development. Here are a number of valid tips designed specifically to increase your business turnover in an easy and immediate way.