Business management

Pursuing effective business development is not an immediate process. Here are five basic business management strategies that help grow the business and lead the business in the right direction … In the workplace, how can you project your business management to growth? To answer this question, we report immediately below 5 valid recommendations addressed to entrepreneurs: practical solutions to follow every day to conduct business towards a path of constant

managing social networks

Who said that social management must be complicated? Online you can find the tools to make it efficient and effective: Here are 6 tools to optimize the management of your social networks … KEY POINTS 70% of social network users consult their accounts every day (Global Web Index): regularly propose new content; Planning your publications is simple and effective with free tools like Hootsuite or Buffer; Analyze your social strategy

perfect quote

A series of good tips to make a quote that puts the customer in the ideal condition to sign the contract. What is a quote and how is it done? Essentially the estimate is the calculation of the expected costs for a job, a list of items justifying a total asking price. Often the estimate is essentially a contract proposal that the professional or the company addresses to the customer,

Employee management

To create a solid and constructive relationship with its employees, it is first necessary to transmit the necessary trust to them. Being in the field in the first person, leaving aside superfluous formalism, is essential How many times have we heard that it is the people who make a successful business? Many times, for sure. In fact, it is the employees who determine most of the destiny of our company,

franchise business

Opening a franchise business is very advantageous compared to those who decide to start a business all by themselves. The benefits are attributable to a number of factors, which could determine its success, ranging from the opportunity to exploit the experience and reputation of the parent company to the possibility of using qualified assistance and management; from the opportunity to increase their profits to the strategies of sharing between franchisor

Smart packaging

Useful, practical, innovative, suggestive or, simply, attractive. We tell you the advantages of the new generations of ‘smart packaging’. The packaging stands out as a differentiating element of the product and offers value to a consumer who has his basic needs met. The products are more and more similar to each other. Those who survive are usually all good. If they use the same qualities and machines, similar technology, how

entrepreneurial ideas

Ted Gross, founder of Idealab, identifies and places the variables that lead to the success of any business in order of importance. Let’s scroll together and analyze its ranking Founder of Idealab, an incubator of projects, ideas and business, Gross has been able to observe and document the fate of hundreds of startups and companies, drawing a series of conclusions on what are the most determining factors for the success

business idea

The desire to start a business starts with a small idea that is formed in our head. The problem is that we do not know if that idea is good enough to make the jump and start our own business and that, not all ideas are good when you study them more thoroughly. Have you been frustrated because you constantly have innovative business ideas but do not know how good


Fear can inhibit or exert a strong motivational drive: the study conducted by the University of Harvard which identifies 4 strategies to positively exploit their fears In the path to become entrepreneurs the fear of failure naturally becomes an inseparable companion. There are many fears, from losing the most important customers to running out of capital. For an entrepreneur, courage does not correspond to the absence of fear, but to

Turn Dreams Into Reality

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur can remain a dream, if you do not start to act actively. But we always need some kind of impetus, a preparation moment, and an intermediate state that will allow us to go on with the pleasure, painlessly and fairly productively to the next stage – the beginning of the path along the path of entrepreneurship.