Video Marketing

Did you know that companies that use videos increase their sales by 49%? Video marketing is a good strategy for an inbound plane as it allows you to be creative, to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase brand awareness. Here are some tips to also attract you the most possible traffic to your site with a good video marketing strategy.

How to grow my business? Preparing my SME to grow through technology

The first concern of an entrepreneur when setting up business for sales. However, once the business begins to grow, the entrepreneur realizes that many other administrative activities consume a high percentage of its time. The phenomenon is such that there comes a point where organizing and managing a venture can take more time than the one left to the entrepreneur available to continue visiting clients and truly expanding their company.

business angel

Identity Basically search business angels are engaged in by those who invented something new and get a new service or product patent. But the concept of product innovation is much broader – it does not have to be a technical invention, this may be a new look at what already exists. For example, innovation can be a cafe with an unusual service or car wash. You must answer the question: what’s new in

Business and Financial Management

3 Advice on business and financial management of the historic economic and financial magazine Forbes. Small tips for small and medium-sized enterprises. When it comes to business management and specifically the financial management of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the strategies to be put in place to be successful and have more opportunities for growth and success?


Successful companies always have to teach something useful on the corporate and entrepreneurial minded management: here are ten things to learn from the big … Successful companies, with their history, have always to teach something useful on business management and innovation capacity and response to the difficulties. Becoming a successful entrepreneur often starts by looking back at those companies and men who have walked our same steps before us.

Elevator Pitch

You finally got “the idea that you will turn”? You have developed “the project that sells itself?” Are you ready to “do the business”? What do you miss, then to launch your start-up? Ah, yes: the money … Sooner or later every start-up needs to find an investor … At this point becomes crucial the elevator pitch or simply pitch or presentation, usually very short, of your business idea to

Marketing Automation

Tired of doing everything by hand? In this article, we discuss how all marketing activities can be automated in whole or in part. With some little trick to save time and increase efficiency! I definitely did not convince you that automation all or part of some repetitive tasks is a winning way to save time and devote it to research and development. In your daily marketing activities, they are very


Since the launch of a new product, the request for a loan, through the signing of trade agreements. The purpose of a business plan are many, let’s see how to draft it better and make it effective. Because when you are managing a business it is important to do a business plan? For the simple fact that this particular document, as well as allowing the identification of business strategies to


The passage of the relay in the company is always a delicate moment. They serve concentration and coordination to avoid mistakes and undo the work done in a short time What implies a generational shift in the company? Let’s find out right away with analyzing in detail the advantages and disadvantages arising from such change: advantages and disadvantages to consider before handing over the reins of the enterprise to the heirs.