The sales techniques are specifically designed strategies to positively influence the buying and selling process, in order to improve the likelihood that the potential customer purchases a product or service from the seller. In practice, we assume that a seller meetings hundred potential customers and can convince to buy ten of them, without the aid of any sales strategy in particular. Thus obtain a rate of closures of 10%. The


We are a small company; we do everything with spreadsheets, e-mail and telephone. For now it’s fine … indeed no! This is one of the catchphrases used by small business owners, most of all by the Start-up. In fact it is normal to wonder whether a small company, it is convenient or not to introduce the use of ERP management software. With this article, I will try to answer just


The main obstacles to your eCommerce web site and be productive: 11 items to be checked Your eCommerce or your website appear to do nothing? You do not know where to start to improve the situation? Here are the 11 most common reasons that may reduce performance, and which often do not you think!

Sales Techniques

A post dedicated to those who are not satisfied with their commercial results. An article to find out if and what mistakes you’re making in your sales activities. The objective is to help you understand whether and why are you making mistakes in the sale and how to learn to sell, regardless of the sector in which it operates or the activities they are developing. An article, I want to clarify, that is not only


Many companies do not put the focus on hiring a creative beyond specific tasks such as drawing up a logo or designing the website. Today we explain why this is a gross error and the importance of fostering creative internal talent. Creativity is still surrounded by many myths and apart from many organizations, who know how essential it is to have creative employees to solve problems, retain talent, differentiate themselves


To advertise and advertise their company learning from big as Nike, Volkswagen, Absolut and many more How to advertise? Unfortunately when we are faced with the need to advertise their company we could find ourselves in front of utter bewilderment. The work of creative and marketing people born from years of study of materials that may be far removed from our sphere of competence. In most cases we rely on


Need to manage all the information that you have of your customers and leads but do not know how? The best option is to bet on the use of a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management system): This is software that will allow your company logs all interactions that occur and to carry out a thorough monitoring them. The implementation of a CRM will allow you to manage and know all


The Business Plan is now part of the business culture. But, in addition to being known, it should also be handled in the correct way: How to choose the expert consultant? Hearing about a business plan consulting firms is becoming more common, both in the environments surrounding the innovative start ups in both those typical of the most traditional companies. The business plan is now coming slowly become fully part of the entrepreneurial culture


Often those who wonder “How to become an entrepreneur” forget the crucial importance that covers the necessary change in mentality required to be that after years as an employee chooses to go it alone How to become an entrepreneur after years of success to other people’s addictions? Those who choose to take the big leap in order to be successful must drastically change their professional approach modeling it according to the requirements and


Is there a way to overcome boredom, anonymity and discomfort caused by traditional banner ads on the internet? It’s called Native Advertising and is a small latent revolution in the web world. The first banner ad of web history dates back to 1994, when it appeared on Wired’s website, astounding and surprising the nerd who then wandered around the network. That advertising, futuristic and unpublished, got something like 30% of